Find out why my students, mastermind members, and clients say that working with me is “the BEST business decision” they have ever made!


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I love working with Shunta. She cares so much and is dedicated to helping us succeed. Being in this mastermind is what I needed. I am no longer going at it alone, but I have a guide and a community to help me along. Shunta celebrates our wins and tells it like it is to push us to the next level. She doesn’t sugar coat anything, but she does it in love. All of Shunta’s products work in harmony. Between the podcast, Peace, Pace, Progress and the Mastermind, I feel like I have what I need to support me on my journey of building and growing my business. No hustle around the clock necessary. Rochelle Joseph

My Online Courses

My courses are created to guide you in specific areas of your business.  I suggest starting with my highly-acclaimed foundational course, Peace, Pace, Progress.  This course teaches you the fundamental practice of doing only work that matters in your business, how to maximize your time and how to set goals that progress your business forward.  Students rave that PPP helped them to reclaim wasted time and gain clarity unlike anything else they’ve ever tried.

So I just finished the Peace, Pace, Progress course and it is everything!  From the very beginning of the course, everything resonated.  I was definitely ‘Team Too Much.’  I was grinding for hours on end and into the wee hours of the morning and now, after PPP, when I look back, very little was really accomplished to move my business forward, now I know exactly how to do that!  This was the push that I needed to get it together.  Thank you for creating this course and teaching entrepreneur’s how to take action.

Deon Green

Exclusive Mastermind Membership

An exclusive, high-level group of business owners that receive daily interaction with me as well as real-time feedback and guidance.  With a live zoom call and or webinar each week led by me, the group mastermind is the perfect way to receive ongoing instruction as you grow your business!  The accountability, encouragement and instruction make the mastermind the best place to be as you build + grow your business.

I love how small of a group you’ve put together for the mastermind. I makes me feel like my business matters and that I am getting the most out of this experience. Being apart of such a closed private group with other like-minded women made me feel like we are not just a number to you and that you actually care about helping achieve our goals. You have no idea what that means to me. And on top of all of that, the way you lay the foundations for us and show us how to accomplish our task is such a rewarding process. Thank you Shunta. Tasha Emmanuel

One-on-One Clients

I select a limited number of one-on-one clients each year.  I work with one-on-one clients to help them gain clarity on their current business goals, develop an action plan and execute the steps that will help them meet (and usually exceed) their goals.  One-on-one clients are highly motivated business owners who are ready to see growth in their business.  All one-on-one clients are selected through an application process.

Prior to working with Shunta, I was honestly lost.  I wasn’t clear on my message and that prevented me from seeing much growth in my business.  After working with Shunta, I was finally able to act on creating my first product after months of being too afraid to act.  I would recommend anyone who has spent months chasing their tails trying to figure things out to work with Shunta! You can continue to look for your own solution or invest in yourself and your business! Tomesha Campbell

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I am so happy that I am inside of Shunta’s Facebook Group! Shunta offers wonderful support to everyone along with relevant and actionable tools and resources that help individuals in their businesses. Cheryl Quintero

I love your work ethic and discipline! Following you on Instagram and watching you daily on Insta-Stories pushes me to do a little more each day to grow my brand! Lashawn Henighan

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