What to do when everything feels like a priority

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Episode 61 Show Notes

Ever feel like everything on your to-do list is important? What do you do when everything feels like a priority? I’m glad you asked because that is the question that I am answering in this week’s episode! I know how it feels when you can’t decide where and how to divide your time and feel stretched in six different directions. I will walk you through how to ditch the “I need to do it all” feeling so that you can feel lighter, at peace and actually focus on your real priorities in both your business and life. Let’s get started!

My Five Foundational Truths

I explain each of these in detail in this episode. These are the five foundation truths I believe we need to understand and accept before we can start the process of deciding what is a priority:

One: By definition, everything cannot be a priority. Something must be first.

Two: Priority relates to the present, but it is also connected to a desired future.

Three: Something can be important but still not a present priority.

Four: Trying to do it “all” leaves you unaccomplished with nothing done to its’ best ability.

Five: The feelings of others are not deciding factors in determining what is important in your life.


Action Steps

I want to hear from you, do you agree with my foundational truths? Did you define your life priorities? Share with me on Instagram @shuntagrant or within my private Facebook Community which you can join for free at shuntagrant.com/community.

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