What it’s Really Like to Work With Me– Meet my Rockstar Group Coaching Student Laura Knopp

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Episode 89 Show Notes

This week on the podcast I am talking with one of my rockstar group coaching students, Laura Knopp of Laura Knopp Custom Portraits & Illustrations. Laura shares where she was in her business before working with me, what it’s like working with me and what her business looks like today as a repeat student of mine.

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Laura Knopp


Laura Knopp is an illustrator and Etsy shop owner based in Charlotte, North Carolina. She creates custom portraits and illustrated paper goods to fill your heart and home with pure, sparkling joy. When she’s not sketching on her iPad, you can probably find her having a living room dance party with her rosy-cheeked toddler and sweet husband or catching up on Bravo reality shows.

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