Three Words that Prevent Business Owners from Reaching their Full Potential

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Episode 6 Show Notes

There are three words that pack a powerful punch to our ability to live joyfully and see growth in our business and lives.  I’ve seen these three words hold back dreamers, budding business owners, and even established entrepreneurs. I want to ensure that you never fall prey to any of these three words, and if you do I want to share how you can overcome them.  These three words are often linked because many times one leads to the other: fear, doubt, and procrastination. In this episode, I discuss each of these words and what happens when we let them creep into our businesses so that together we can give them the boot out of our lives and business.


 I define fear as breathing life into a non-existent outcome and feeding it so that it grows to be bigger, stronger, or louder than reality.  How does this look in our businesses? There’s the fear that we’ll fail before we even begin, fear of rejection, fear of success, fear of being misunderstood, fear of not being liked, fear of the perception of others, fear of the work it takes to accomplish our goals, fear of losing balance, fear of the unknown…I could go on and on. I ’m willing to bet that I’ve listed at least one thing that hits home for you.

Here’s what I’ve found to be true about fear – fear is a LIAR. We are the originators of our fears and we breathe life into fear. The problem is that eventually, fear grows so big that it outshines truth and reality. Since fear is a liar the best way to expose it is to call it on its lie. When you find yourself giving into fear, I want you to say out loud “Not so!” Reject it and expose the fear for what it actually is. Don’t give the fear time to settle into your mind and begin to grow. You are good enough and you can succeed. These are truths you need to constantly remind yourself of in order to keep fear at bay.

If fear has been creeping into your business or your pursuit of business, I want you to expose your fear for the liar that it is. First, identify what the false reality is. What is causing you to fear moving forward? Now, whatever that fear is, write it down so that you can acknowledge it. The do one of two things, or both depending on what your fear is:

(1) Write out what has to happen in order for your fear to come true. Recognizing what lies between your hope and fear. Therein lies the work that will help you turn that fear into the lie that it is. If you do nothing or don’t believe in what you do or offer, then yes, that fear may be a reality. But you are the determining factor that makes that fear a liar. Identify the work that must be done and do the necessary work. 

(2) Write out what is true. The antidote for fear is truth.  Feelings aren’t facts so write out the positive truths instead. For instance, I felt the fear of leaving a career I had worked for to pursue entrepreneurship. My truths were that I loved the business that I built; I worked hard to build a business in a way that gave value to my audience; my career doesn’t define me, whether it’s as an attorney or as an entrepreneur. Writing out the positive truths take the gravity out of our fears when we put it into proper perspective. Keep your truths at the forefront of your mind and they will silence the fears.  Take note that fear sometimes creeps in quietly and we have to be careful because we can let that fear reside in our minds and become our perceived reality.


Doubt and fear are cousins. Usually, doubt starts to trail in either after or right before fear sets in. I define doubt as an unsupported feeling of disbelief in yourself and your capabilities, typically brought on by internal comparison.  Most doubts are born out of thinking that we can’t acquire the same results of someone else.  Essentially, that means that doubt is a symptom of a failure to realize the beauty, utility, and power of our individual uniqueness.  Doubt causes us to underestimate what we can achieve and accomplish. If you doubt that you have what it takes, sitting and doubting yourself will not get you anywhere.  Until you take a step closer to your vision and your dreams, doubt is going to rob you of all potential outcomes.

My remedy for doubt twofold. First, you need to make a conscious and intentional effort to stop comparing. My observations have shown me that a lot of time the doubt arises because we compare ourselves to someone we think we can’t become. Don’t compare your business, your life or yourself to anyone else.  Comparison is second nature, so you have to keep this effort at the forefront of your mind so you can easily stop yourself when you find yourself going down that road of comparison.

Second, affirm to yourself that you can do great things. What is great to you may not be great to someone else and that’s ok. Self-love and self-awareness and doing the necessary work will combat doubt. When you work hard and see results, your confidence will grow and your self-doubt will shrink. When we face new ventures and face the unknown doubt tends to creep in. Think about how you got that confidence in your strong areas and do that same thing when you are about do something less familiar. If doubt is what you’re battling, focus on loving your unique self and be aware of your strengths and talents. 


I learned about procrastination the hard way,  by missing out on an opportunity. That was enough for me to nip this 15-letter word in the bud early on. Procrastination is putting off that which needs to be done. Think of the reason that you may be putting off a certain thing. Is it something that doesn’t really matter or move you toward your goal? If so, get rid of it rather than let it hang over your head. When you do this, you won’t have a day full of tasks that create a day full of “busy” rather than help you accomplish your goal.

Maybe you’re procrastinating because you’re afraid of the outcome if you actually do that thing you’ve been putting off. Remember to call this fear out on its lie and do the work needed to be done and see what lessons lie behind doing that thing. Write down what you’ve been putting off and the necessary tasks to complete that thing and give yourself a deadline.

If you’re procrastinating because you know it needs to be done, but it’s just something you don’t feel like doing, ask yourself if it is something that you can outsource. If it’s truly something that only you can do, make it a priority and put it at the top of your list. Start with the un-fun stuff first so you can then bask in the stuff that you love doing.

Lastly, you may be procrastinating because you need help, but you’re afraid to ask for help. Ask for help, friend! There is no shame in asking for help. Find someone with the knowledge and expertise that you need and get help. It will save you so much time.

If we are aware of our goals and the steps it takes to get us there and write out a detailed plan for the quarter, month, and day to day then there is NO room for procrastination. If you find yourself procrastinating, I want you to seek out the true reason behind it and execute one of these remedies.


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