Three Ways Facebook Has Been A Game Changer for My Businesses

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Episode 45 Show Notes

Today on the podcast, I  am sharing three ways that Facebook has been a  game changer for both of my businesses.  I slept on Facebook for business for so long thinking that it was a platform that was just too crowded and not a good fit for my business and today it serves as the #1 social platform that provides traffic and paying customers to Because of Zoe Designs.  It has grown my business, almost tripled my web visits and almost doubled my income month to month (hello 98% increase!).

So today I’m sharing those three ways that Facebook has been a game-changer for my businesses,  along with the course that helped me to really learn the foundations for Facebook marketing; and, the best part, is the doors for the course are now open (for a limited time, March 8th – 16th) and you can learn more at

Create and Foster Community

As I explain in more detail on the podcast episode, Facebook allowed me to get to know my audience in a way that no other social platform has been able.  My Facebook Community, for example, has created a place where my audience can share, be open and truly connect with one another and me.  We share pictures, stories, laughs, and so much more, in a way that goes far beyond the “double taps” and heart emoji comments that seem so mindless on Instagram.

Reviewing Metrics

Shopify has a wonderful way of showing you every person and every dollar connected to your referral sources.   Watching my metrics increase based on my use of Facebook for business has shown me the importance of reviewing your metrics, knowing where your audience is coming from and being able to connect every click to an order place. I love that Shopify lets you see how many dollars you made from someone clicking to your site from each source–Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…

Get Comfortable with Video

Video is king.   Period.  If you’re not using video in your business, today is the day (spoiler alert, I have an episode coming up soon, episode 47, that is all about how to get started using video in your business).  Because I learned that Facebook places value on your own videos, I began to get comfortable with video of all types– live video and pre-recorded video and video on and off of Instagram.

Facebook has been a game changer because it has shown me to think of new ways to comunicate with my audience and video has been a way to quickly remove barriers between me and my audience.  I now use video every single day in my business. No exaggeration–every single day, in some form or fashion.

Action Steps

  • If you are reading this during the live open cart, head on over to and learn more about the program that helped me learn allllll the things as it pertains to Facebook!  This training program is so vital and I hope to see your name listed on the inside of the program’s community!   And, as always, I want to hear your #1 takeaway from today’s episode so please come over and share that with me over @shuntagrant on Instagram or within my free Facebook group, here.

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