Three Reasons to Give Journaling a Try

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Episode 49 Show Notes

What comes to your mind when you hear the word, “journaling.”  For me, in the past I’ve attempted to journal on and off during major life events–when I was pregnant with our first child, shortly after getting married, again when I left the law firm to pursue Because of Zoe Designs full time– and each time it just didn’t stick.   But, this past January (2018), I wanted to give it a try but this time without setting expectations and without feeling as though the writing had to be about a specific topic (things that didn’t work for me last time).

So, I picked up my pretty journals that were used solely as decoration on my office shelves and I started to write. And ya’ll.  It has been such a game changer for me.  Why? Well, that’s what I’m sharing with you in this weeks episode!  I’m also sharing THREE reasons why I encourage you to give journaling a try.  And, because I know that getting started can be the hardest part, I’m also giving you EIGHT prompts that may be helpful as you get started.  No, you don’t have to write out all eight, just pick one and get to writing.  Shoot for consistency but not perfection, as there is not one right way to journal.

And, as always, please do share with me if you decide to give journaling a try after this episode! Or, if you’re already an avid journaler I want to hear from you too!  What has it done for you? Did any of my three reasons resonate with you? I want to hear from you!

Three Reasons to Give Journaling a Try

Listen to this weeks episode as I expound on these three reasons why you should give journaling a try!

ONE.   Self Discovery.  The hand is much more honest than our lips.

TWO.  Clarity.

THREE.  Letting go and getting things out!

Eight Prompts to Get Started

Choose one and put that pen to paper!

1.  What’s on my mind this morning/afternoon/tonight is…

2.  I’m grateful for…

3.  I feel (insert emotion) when…. [afraid, stressed, confused, joy…]

4.  What happened today/this week.

5.  I was created to….

6.  Today I am excited about…

7.  Truths about me that I want to explore…

8.  Writing out a quote or scripture that you’re currently studying or that is currently resonating with you or challenging you.

Action Steps

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