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One of the necessary ingredients to joyful living and successful business building is walking in contentment.  Before the branding, the website, the sales strategies, do you have contentment? Are you a person who is content?  Content business owners (and human beings) are pleasant to be around, they have peace in whatever circumstance they find themselves and they have a positive disposition, among other things.  So, today, I am thrilled to talk about the necessity of contentment.  Not only for your life but for the sake of your business as well.

I’m sharing what contentment is NOT (i.e. it’s not an excuse not to set goals and progress), three things that I have found to be true about contentment and nine ways to foster and nurture contentment within your business and life.

I guarantee you will leave today’s podcast equipt to do the deep digging and the work to uncover what is preventing you from contentment, or how you can continue to nurture contentment in your life.   This is one of my favorite episodes to date and I hope that it is one that you will come back to time and time again.  I also hope that you get those journals out and reflect on some of the questions posed within the episode.  And yes, this is a great episode to share with a friend.

Three Things that I’ve Found to Be True About Contentment

I elaborate and go into more detail about each within the episode.

1.  Contentment teaches us to be both full and hungry, to soar and to seek, and how to have an appreciation for our current status while simultaneously appreciating our ability to progress forward.

2.  Contentment understands that there is no future magic pill event.  Declaring that you will be content when _____ occurs in itself bears a misunderstanding of what contentment is.

3.  Contentment comes when we root ourselves in the non-temporal.  Circumstances can change, situations can change, health can change, life can change.  Rooting yourself in what is unchanging, sure, and constant is vital for a life of contentment.

Nine Ways to Foster and Nurture Contentment within Your Life

Within the episode I also go into further detail about these nine ways to foster and nurture contentment:

1.   Writing out and/or expressing what you’re thankful for daily.  Being able to find something to be thankful for.  In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 

2.  Acknowledging where you are and the progress you’ve made.

3.  Acknowledging answers to prayer/wins.

4.  Having a clear perspective of your desired future.

5.  Realizing how little we actually NEED in this world and how unimportant TANGIBLES are in the grand scheme of things.

6.  Question your intentions and seek to come from a pure place free of greed, envy, coveting, pride or vanity.

7.  Appreciate the simple.

8.  Give. Find some way to give to others.

9.  Keep the big picture at the forefront of your mind.


Action Steps

  • I want to hear from you, whether below in the comments or over on Instagram @shuntagrant | What is your #1 takeaway from today’s episode and how are you going to implement something you’ve heard?

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