The importance of setting boundaries in your business & life and how to get started

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Episode 59 Show Notes

Today I am talking about the importance of setting boundaries in your business and life and how to get started with setting those boundaries. If you’ve ever been hesitant to set boundaries because of backlash or criticism, join me today and let’s talk about how to kindly set boundaries in your business and life.

We live a life of priorities where everything cannot warrant your time or attention.  Boundaries help us clearly define who we are, they protect us and those we care about, and they help us create the business and life we desire.  I’m giving examples of some boundaries you may set in your business and life and how they can set you up for success.

How to Overcome Resistance

A lot of times, the boundaries we set can be met with criticism and backlash. If you are a people pleaser, this can give you pause.  Remember: these boundaries were set for you, not for anyone else.  They were set up for your protection: protection of your time, your family, your business, your values, whatever it may be.  When boundaries are communicated consistently, directly,  and kindly, they should be well received.  If not, this may be a clear sign of someone you needed to set this boundary with in the first place!

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Action Steps

Have you been looking for permission to set boundaries in your business or in your life? Are you wondering where to start? Ask yourself: where do you feel you are being pulled in several directions? Or where are you easily finding distractions? That is a place for a boundary, even one for yourself. I’d love to hear some of the boundaries you are setting in your business and your life! Share with me over on Instagram @shuntagrant.

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