Taking the Confusion out of “Systems” with Jordan Gill

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Business Foundations, Growth & Sustainability Strategy | 0 comments

Episode 126 Show Notes

This week on the podcast I am talking with Jordan Gill of Systems Saved Me and we are talking about all things “systems.” For starters, what are systems, why they matter in your business and how to simplify how you approach and get started with setting them up in your business.

Jordan breaks it down plain and simple and I know that you are going to LOVE this conversation as she walks you step by step how to get started with setting up systems in your business.

Four Step Roadmap

Today’s episode is sponsored by my brand new roadmap: the Four-Step Roadmap to Consistent Progress in Your Business. Learn the four requirements to create structure and focus without overwhelm. Download the roadmap at shuntagrant.com/roadmap to get started!

Action Steps

  • What was your #1 takeaway from today’s episode? Share with me in the comments below, or, my personal favorite, over on Instagram @shuntagrant.

Jordan Gill


With millions of dollars made and thousands of hours saved, Jordan Gill, Operations Consultant and Host of the Systems Saved Me Podcast, knows that if you want to make incredible impact in your business, you must have massive support. Her mission is to partner with business owners like YOU to balance new leads coming in while still getting your to do list done!


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