How to Survey Your Audience in a Way that Gets You Results

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Episode 15 Show Notes

One of the simplest methods I have used to learn brand perception, why my customers and clients stick around, what they need and want, why they buy from me, who they are and what their values are has been through surveying my audience.  The absolutely free information that I’ve received through these surveys have led to increased revenue as well as being able to give my audience more of what they want and need. Surveying has also taught me what matters and doesn’t matter to my customer.  Surveying my audience has become one of the single most important things I do for my business each and every year.

In this week’s episode:

  • ✔️  I talk about why surveying is so important in your business
  • ✔️  I teach you multiple ways to use surveys in your business
  • ✔️  I show you how I create surveys using Google Forms.
  • ✔️  I give you exact replicas of surveys I have done to give you an idea of some of the questions I ask.

Why Surveying Matters

1.  The data comes directly from your audience/customers.  

2.  When you ask the right and relevant questions, the information derived from your surveys can inform you of how your business is being perceived, confirm or disrupt what you think you’ve built.

3.  You can also discover if you’re even speaking to the right audience at all.

4.  You can discover what your audience truly thinks about your business.

5.  You can get some of the best language to use for testimonials, social proof, and copy for your marketing, ads, and words on your website.

6.  When surveys are performed correctly, your audience does most of the work for you, giving you the ability to propel your business by responding to the results.

6 Types of Questions to Ask in Your Surveys

Each question in your survey should serve a specific purpose. Every single word of your survey should be thought out and each response should be something you can apply to your business. Your survey questions should do one of six things:

1.  Gather information to learn about the demographics or the psychographics (attitudes, aspirations, values) of your audience [16:34]

2.  Test an idea before bringing it to life [34:48]

3.  Receive feedback on a particular product, service, or offering [38:28]

4.  Receive feedback on a particular component or aspect of your business [42:49]

5.   Assess a potential client before onboarding them [46:37]

6.  Elicit praise, thoughts, or reflections on working with you or your brand [48:58]

I’ve created a video to show you how you can use Google Forms to create your own surveys with ease and for free.  

And as a bonus, I’ve taken several of my surveys from both of my businesses and turned them into PDFs so that you can see samples of questions I’ve asked in the past as you begin to plan your surveys. You can claim your freebie below! 


  • ✔️ Defining the word survey [00:03:30]
  • ✔️ 6 reasons to conduct surveys [00:05:00]
  • ✔️ 6 types of survey questions [00:13:49]

Action Steps

  • Start by reviewing my video on how to set up your next survey + downloading this week’s download and then review the six type of questions outlined within this episode.  As you begin to build your survey, if you would like feedback, post your question in my free Facebook group and tag me on Instagram @shuntagrant so that I can see your work!

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