Eight Steps to Successfully Grow Multiple Businesses

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Episode 84 Show Notes

This week I am talking about how I went from a products based business owner to a dual business owner and giving you eight steps to go from owning one business to two (or more).  And just in case you think, “I don’t want two businesses” I never imagined that I would own two businesses, it all happened very organically, so never say never.

8 Steps To Go From Owning One Business to Two

  1. Focus on the health of your first business
  2. Focus on big picture + long term of what you want to be known for
  3. Streamline + outsource
  4. Decrease the amount of time needed to spend in business 1
  5. Sit in a seat of constant + consistent review
  6. Find your lane, stay in it, perfect it
  7. Niche niche niche
  8. Simplify

Action Steps

What was your #1 takeaway from today’s epsiode? Share with me in the comments below, or, my personal favorite, over on Instagram @shuntagrant. I’ll be looking to hear from you!

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