Eight Things That You Can Do Today to Elevate Your Customer Value (and Wow & Delight Your Customer)

by | Apr 23, 2018 | Business Foundations, Growth & Sustainability Strategy

Episode 51 Show Notes

Your customer is at the center of your business because your customer puts you in business, keeps you in business and teaches you about your business.

This week on the podcast I am giving you eight things that you can do today to elevate your customer value and wow your customers!  It doesn’t take grand gestures nor does it take spending vasts amounts of money to truly build a loyal league among your customers and clients.

So, get those pens and pencils ready and remember to share with me, your #1 takeaway and what you plan to do to uplevel the value that you add to the lives of your customers and clients!

8 Things that You Can Do to Elevate Your Customer Value

I go into more detail about each in the podcast episode:

1.  Show up for them. Show yourself. Say hello.

2.  Get to know your customers.  Call them by name.

3.  Survey them and then listen.  The episode on How to Survey Your Customers can be found here

4.  Provide consistency for your customers through clear FAQs, policies and customer response times.

5.  Include branded fun inside of your orders.

6.  Handwritten notes, particularly when unexpected, meaning not just in orders, but say thank you for a recent purchase or for being a customer for X number of years.

7.  Surprise them.

8.  Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you will and how you say you will.


Action Steps

  • I would love how you add value to your customer’s experience.  Share in the comments below or with me over on Instagram @shuntagrant.

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