Seven Things to Do and/or Consider Before You Plan Your New Year

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Episode 31 Show Notes

Preparing for a new year is always an exciting time and there is so much hope and enthusiasm about a new year.  Before you begin planning the next steps for your business, there are SEVEN things that I think you must do and/or consider before getting started and I’m giving you all seven in today’s episode.  Download today’s freebie to create a checklist as you prepare for a new year. 

Seven Things to Do/Consider Before You Plan Your Year

Listen to today’s episode for more details and make sure to download today’s freebie to work through these seven steps.  

1.  List out what worked this year and what did not work this year for your business.  [03:20]

2. Assess how you’ve grown/changed this year.  You’re not entering 2018 (or whichever year) the same person that entered into this year.  [06:04] 

3. Have a clear understanding of your priorities by listing out your personal and business priorities. [07:58] 

4.  Identify the hardest thing that you know you have to change and write out what is stopping you from changing.  Is it a character trait, environment, person or place where you spend time.  What is that thing that you know needs to change and identify what has been stopping you from making the necessary change.  [09:30]

5.  What does success look like for you in 2018?  [15:50]

6. List out the things that you do NOT want to bring into the New Year?  What are the things that you want to cut out entirely and eliminate in order to make more room for the things that you DO want.   [17:40]

7.  Take 15-30 minutes to do a “brain dump.” Get every single idea out of your head.  Don’t leave anything out.  Get it out on paper, in writing to clear your mind before you begin planning your new year. [19:32]


Action Steps

    After you listen to today’s episode, download today’s workbook and checklist for free (by clicking the image above).  Then head on over to Instagram and share with me your #1 takeaway from today’s episode! I’m @shuntagrant on Instagram! 

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