Save time, start with resources + tools + products that have stood the test of time for me. 

Want to know what tools and resources I use in my business? I’m happy to share what I use and how I use them!  A few of the items linked below contain affiliate links, which means that I will receive a nominal commission if you purchase using my link.  However, none of the fees of the resources have been increased to compensate me and I only recommend resources and tools that I love and personally use in my business.   Most of these providers have also offered you special discounts for using my link as discussed below.  And, as you will see, a number of the resources that I recommend below are 100% f.r.e.e.  Enjoy!


These tools and resources help me to make the most out of my time, keep me organized, help me to spread my brand’s message and so much more.  Below, you’ll find my favorite online tools + resources.   Have a question about any of these?  No problem, ask me over on Instagram @shuntagrant or within my free business Facebook group here.


  • If Trello proposed, I would say yes to the dress!  I use Trello for (literally) everything– both businesses, organizing the podcast episodes, my grocery list, every.thing.  Trello is an online system (that has an app that is equally great) that allows you to create boards and organize or collect information relating to anything. Best news? It’s F.R.E.E.
  • My favorite Instagram scheduler, Planoly allows you to see what your Instagram feed will look like before you ever post.  I have a video showing you inside of my Planoly in the show notes to Episode 26 of the Business, Life & Joy podcast.
  • ConvertKit makes email marketing simple.  With an easy-to-use tag based system you can really get the most out of connecting with your audience through email using ConvertKit.  If you are serious about growing your list and creating sequences, ConvertKit is the way to go.
  • You need a personalized email using your brand’s domain and G-Suite lets you do just that.  G-Suite is a must and begins as low as $5 per month per email.  AND I happen to have a few coupon codes that will help you to reduce the $5 per month to even less.  You can find the codes here.  If you use a code, please leave a note in the comments so that everyone knows to move on to the next.  Start your free trial today!


  • Ohhh Canva!  Almost 100% of the images with text that you see on this website were created in Canva, including the one you’re looking at to the right of this text.   Canva is a software (that does have a free version) that allows you to create graphics, edit images and so much more.  I use Canva nearly every single day and it and Trello are in a race for the #1 spot in my resource heart.  I use the Canva for Work paid version for extra bells & whistles but I used the free version for almost two years.



  • If you sell products, Shopify is the #1 place I recommend you build your website.  I go into detail in Episode 5 of the Business, Life & Joy podcast about my experience with other platforms. I have built two websites on Shopify– Because of Zoe and Because of Zoe WholesaleSign up for Shopify and receive a 14-day trial to test it out. 
  • I take the guess work out of building your Shopify site in Sell on Shopify, a course that walks you through the entire back end of Shopify, step-by-step teaching you how to build your Shopify site with confidence and ease.  Students say they were able to build their site within a weekend thanks to Sell on Shopify.
  • This website uses the Divi theme for WordPress.  When I tell you I am not a pro at techy things, I mean it.  But, I was able to bulid the majority of this site on my own thanks to Divi’s visual builder and easy to use interface.  If you need a website for your non-products based business and you want to use WordPress, Divi might be the theme for you!
  • I use Siteground for my web hosting after hearing so many other business owners rave about their customer service.  If you’re looking for a web host, I recommend Siteground.  The customer service has walked me through all of my questions as I build this website and multiple other sites using sub-domains.
  • I use ShipStation to ship all of my physical products for Becuase of Zoe Designs.  Shipstation makes shipping a large amount of orders (and a small amount) easy with one click of a button saved settings will load up your custom settings.  Try ShipStation for 30 days free to test it out.  ShipStation connects to most website platforms.  I have used ShipStation with both Shopify and Squarespace websites.


  • I used Haute Chocolate for three months and enjoyed the variety of images.  I did not continue with the subscription service only because I had enough from the three months to last me and I still use the Haute Chocolate images to this day, some of which are showcased within this website.
  • I’ve also found some beautiful images from Creative Market as well as a few fonts that I love. Creative Market is a great place for creatives to find fonts and images that help you express your brand .


  • No one likes it but it’s necessary–keeping track of all of your numbers.  Like most businesses, I use Quickbooks. It makes it very easy to give access to my accountants and you can run a Profit & Loss with just a few clicks of a button.  You need a way to keep track of your income and outgo, I recommend Quickbooks. Sign up using my link and receive a discount, typically 30% off.
  • If you sell physical products and your pricing isn’t spot on, you’re likely running an expensive hobby as opposed to a business.  I use Price O’ Matic for keeping track of the costs of everything in my business that goes into the product making process.  This program is so robust and does all the heavy lifting for you, giving you recommended pricing for wholesale + retail and more!


These are the physical products that help me in every aspect of my business.  From my favorite printer to my goal setting Powersheets, these products will have you feeling like the cream of the crop!  Below, you’ll find my favorite products that I use in my business.   Have a question about any of these?  No problem, ask me over on Instagram @shuntagrant or within my free business Facebook group here.


  • I use the Blue Yeti for all of my videos, course recordings, video calls, you name it.  The only time I do not use the Yeti is for podcast recording.  This microphone gives you clear sound and is the top recommended microphone from nearly all of the online business owners that I know.  If you plan to use video (which you should) I highly recommend the Yeti.
  • I use the ATR 2100 for podcast recording because it provides top sound quality without the super steep pricing of higher-end microphones.   If you are considering starting a podcast or recording an audiobook, I suggest the ATR.  Unlike the Yeti, the ATR does not pick up external sounds which is why I prefer it for podcasting over the Yeti.
  • If you don’t get anything else to get started with video, this is your #1 must have.  The HD camera sits on your computer (desktop or laptop) and provides a MUCH better image than the camera on your computer.  If you use FB Live, record videos or even take Skype calls, this WebCam will be your new best friend!


  • I used to carry around three different journals/notebooks, one for each business and one for life stuff.  Inside of each were goals, thoughts, plans, brainstorms, etc..  And then came Powersheets! The one place for all of your goals (both business + life) to live.  This beautifully colorful and well thought out product is a gamechanger and every single person who I’ve introduced to Powersheets has thanked me profusely.  Learn more about Powersheets here.
  • My second favorite pens are the Pilot Precise Pens.  They make writing in smaller columns or planners so easy and they also do not bleed over onto pages.  They come in an array of fun colors and I grab a new pack every time I catch them on sale!
  • I used to think all pens were created equal.  And then I discovered these pens.  Not only do they make planning colorful and fun, but they make my handwriting better.  Writing notes, thank you cards, messages and plans within my calendar and powersheets is much more fun with these amazing pens that do not bleed through!
  • My go-to large easel pad is how I begin my planning process each quarter and for various projects.   I love using these to map out goals and projects and I bet you will too!


  • I switched to the HP Envy printer this year and my favorite feature is the instant ink services that save me time and money.  I will never have to purchase ink again. ever. The instant ink inside of the printer notifies the company when I’m almost out of ink and before I run out, brand new ink is at my doorsteps! Like magic!  The cost of the instant ink program in one full year is less than what I spent on ink each quarter in previous years!   Sign up for InstantInk with my link a special discount, typically 3 months free! 
  • I use VistaPrint for all of Becuase of Zoe’s hairbow and headband cards.  At a low price when ordering in bulk + there is always a coupon code to save, Vista Print is a cost-effective way to print thank you cards, branded cards and more.   Try Vistaprint with my link and receive a discount on your first order, typically 30% off!
  • I use Moo for higher quality and different shape thank you cards, post cards, branding cards, and stickers.  What I LOVE about moo is that within one order you can create multiple items, unlike VistaPrint.  For example, you can create, within one order of stickers, multiple sticker images as opposed to having to order in bulk all of the same image.  Try moo with my link and receive a special discount on your first order, typically $15 off!


  • I order the majority of our shipping boxes from Uline.  With next day shipping, superb customer service and ordering takes seconds, Uline makes it easy to order just about anything you need for shipping.  I order boxes and crinkle paper from Uline most often.  AND Uline will also ship you samples overnight so that you don’t have to place a bulk order for a product you haven’t held in your hands!
  • I have also ordered boxes from eco-enclose.  As their name suggests, they offer “earth friendly shipping solutions.”  You may order smaller quantities with EcoEnclose than uline so if you’re just starting out, this may be a great place to start.

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