With Peace, Pace, Progress, I started seeing an impact with just the first lesson. Shunta provided a clear strategy to help establish the foundation for the remaining lessons. I’m a detailed person and a planner, so I usually have a few ideas swirling in my head at any given time. Peace, Pace, Progress gives a practical way to prioritize those ideas so they become more attainable goals. This course embodies elements I value in my business so that life and business are less about hustle mode and more about consistency and intentionality.

Angela Keys

I signed up for Peace, Pace, Progress after taking on a second business. I knew I needed help with running two businesses simultaneously and PPP provided the foundation that I needed.  The slides were so helpful and make learning easy, the downloads were great because I could write out information and refer to it later, every module made so much sense. Peace Pace Progress helped me to make a total 180!”

Kristin Wilson

Seeing an actual example of the way you plan your goals and target the task lists really helped. I think doing it this way is going to help me make much better use of my time first and foremost, and actually get things done that point to my goal, as opposed to working ambiguously.  The downloadable worksheets are also helping me really figure out my business, so it’s not just taking in course content but actually putting it to use immediately.

Dr. Arnelle Wright

This is the exact type of guidance that I needed to have peace of mind about my business and what I’m doing in it.

Larona Lollie

The one word I would use to sum up Peace, Pace, Progress is FREEING!

Rochelle Joseph

I’m one lesson in and my brain already feels lighter! 

Melissa Georges

Before Peace Pace Progress, I was trying to figure out how I would have the time to start and run a business with my schedule. I have a 9 to 5 job that some days end at 2 a.m. I just wasn’t sure of how I could accomplish my goal of having my own business, working a full-time job and be a mom to a 3-year-old. Peace Pace Progress helped me clean house and focus on what was most important. I was able to get clear about the steps it would take to get started and break those down into steps that I could accomplish in the 1 – 1.5 hours that I have to work on my business and any orders. Even if I get off track because my day job takes more time one or more days, I can get back on track because the structure is there. I just want to say Thank you for creating this course! This course helped me clear out the clutter and honor what was most important to me. It also helped me to work in a way that I can honor the season I am in now. I am accomplishing way more than I thought I could with just 1.5 hours a day. I now have a foundation that I can build on when I have more time to work in and on my business.

Amy Cole

I can’t believe that I ever doubted doing PPP. I had been so turned off by many other “coaches” I’ve seen who were really just trying to get my money. Shunta is open and transparent, and truly wants what is best for you and your business. She isn’t afraid to make you think about the hard things and provide you with solid, unbiased guidance as you move forward. To anyone who is even remotely considering doing PPP, DO IT!

Alyssa Gay

Thanks to Peace, Pace, Progress I’ve let go of all the fluff that used to live in my brain! I now can concentrate and focus on one goal at a time! 

Laura Knopp

Just lesson one was worth the investment. Apparently, my mind was filled with so much clutter, no wonder I wasn’t getting much done. Peace, Pace, Progress is giving me the clarity and foundation I didn’t even realize I was missing.

Leslie Bentley

I love PPP. It has helped me not only in my business but in life as well. The ability to understand what the most important goal is has been a game changer for me. I have also learned how to balance family life as well. I’ve had to juggle so many things and it’s been so nice to just pause, but to understand and recognize that I still have things organized (and not feel behind). I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have taken this course. I cannot say enough about it.

Ebony Colina

PPP was a real game changer for my business. It taught me how to focus in my business. I was so use to doing a little of this and that on all parts of my business. PPP has taught me to be laser focused on one part to my business and that’s how I grow. It was a change for me but 100% the way to run a business. Shunta’s videos are so informational and relatable. She wants you to succeed and gives you tips and techniques to help you do just that.

Laura Orlando

So, I just finished Shunta’s Peace Pace Progress course and it is everything!  From the very beginning of the course, everything resonated. I was definitely “team too much” I was grinding for hours on end into the wee hours of the morning.  When I look back, very little was really accomplished to move my business forward. Now I know exactly how to do that. This was the push I needed to get it together.  Thank you for creating this course and bringing truth to the entrepreneur struggle.

Deon Green

Peace Pace Progress is simply dope!  Before I was unorganized, it was chaos, I was taking any work that I could get my hands on in my business.  PPP helped me to really look at my style and develop a business that is mine. I was trying to conform and keep up with everyone else.  I went back to what I actually love and I was able to lay that out and now I’m only taking on projects that I love and that has caused so many new opportunities to open up for me.  I have so much more peace now!

Melarie Odelusi

I just finished PPP and loved it, I’ve always felt a lot of anxiety about feeling like I should be doing so much to get things accomplished but it was hard to get that broken down into specific steps and timelines for some reason but now thanks to PPP I’ve got my weekly and daily workflows filled out and I know exactly what I should be doing. 

Stephanie Smith

Peace, Pace Progress helped me first and foremost with procrastination. I procrastinate because I didn’t know what to do first or next so I sat there frozen. PPP helped me to organize all the things in my head. I no longer have to procrastinate because I have a plan, I know what’s next, I know how to organize my time so that everything isn’t “urgent.” I also found that the more organized I became the more money I was saving in my business. I recommend PPP to anyone, not just business owners. As a homeschooling mom, I recommend it to all of my fellow homeschool moms because PPP is all about getting your foundations right. It helped me as a functioning person. I wasn’t functioning well, which means I couldn’t run my business well. I became more solid as a person using Peace Pace Progres. PPP is for anyone who needs help prioritizing so that you can enjoy your life. Because the more overwhelm, the less joy, when I structured my life and business using PPP, I found the joy that I had been missing in business, motherhood and homeschooling!”

Jacqueline Mukweto

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