The One Tool I’m Most Excited to Use in My Business & Life in 2018

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Episode 35 Show Notes

The Powersheets, created by Lara Casey, have me so excited for 2018! In this week’s episode, I am sharing why Powersheets are the number one tool that I am most excited to use in my business and life in 2018.  I explain what Powersheets are, why I decided to use them this year, what problems they will help me to address and so much more!  If you have never heard of Powersheets, the cliffs notes version is that they are an intentional goal setting guide that helps you to cultivate what matters, discover more about yourself and what matters most to you and help you to really see the progress you make on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis!  Sounds right up my alley right?

As I’ll share in this week’s episode, I discovered the Powersheets last year (2017) and knew they were the solution to my “trifecta” of notebooks/journals that I carried around to contain all of my ideas, thoughts, goals, etc… Now, in one beautifully packaged planner, I can keep track of everything that matters to me–business, life and everything in between!  Okay, I’m getting excited just thinking about it so I will let you get straight into the episode!

Pictures of the Insides

In August of 2017, I had the honor of participating in the 2018 Powersheets Photoshoot so I am also going to share some photos of the insides of the Powersheets (the pictures will make more sense after you’ve listened to this week’s episode).

The Year Long Powersheets are tabbed for each month, January – December.  But, have no fear, if you are reading this and those are sold out, or it’s within the year, the 6 months Powersheets have everything that you need and you can either label the month tabs or purchase beautiful gold foil month labels for only $5, all available here

The “Cultivate What Matters” page is one of my favorites in the pre-work.  Here, you list out what matters most to you.  Make sure to follow along on Instagram as I share my pages!  P.S. Does that arm look familiar! **wink wink**

Remember the life assessment that I mention in the episode? This is it!  Keeping track on how you’re doing in eight areas: (1) Health (2) Friends (3) Spouse/Significant Other (4) Family (5) Finances (6) Spiritual + Personal Growth (7) Work and (8) Recreation.  This assessment allows you to track your progress each quarter and throughout the year!  Doesn’t hurt that it’s colorful and pretty too!

For each goal, you also have an action plan– two pages set aside to help you really dig into all of your goals.  I told you, this one tool can house all that you need for the entire year!  And yes, you can change your mind on your goals.  Each quarter has a refresh page that allows you to list new goals, adjust old goals and everything in between!

The Tending List is where the magic really happens each month.  Here you list out your monthly, weekly and daily goals.  I share mine each month over on Instagram and of course within our Powersheets Party

There you have it friends, just a few pages of the 2018 Powersheets!  I look forward to providing updates throughout the year on how working through the Powersheets is progressing my goals!  In the meantime, I would love to hear from you! Are you new to Powersheets? Already a Powersheets user?  Either way, if you decide to order a set, make sure to join my Powersheets Party, we have a great time on zoom calls working together and keeping one another encouraged and accountable!  You can join here. And you can order your Powersheets here.


Action Steps

  • Head on over to Instagram @shuntagrant and share with me, what tools are you most looking forward to using in the New Year? And, if you’re reading this during the year, share with me what’s working for you within the year!  Chat soon!

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