How I Messed Up January & What I’m Doing to Fix It (and 4 Lessons You Can Take Away From My Experience)

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Episode 40 Show Notes

I messed up.  I learned from it.  And I’m telling you all about it in this week’s podcast episode.  I constantly teach against being “team too much” in your business and yet I found myself overreaching with my January business goals.   I’ll share what I plan to do to fix this error and four lessons that you can takeaway from my experience in January!

Avoid Being “Team Too Much” At All Costs

I continue to teach you to shy away from being “team too much” (doing too many things at once in your business/life) and it is a lesson that I have gotten so much better with, but have to continually check myself for as well.  Little by little things work together to make progress in your business, but putting too much on your plate and trying to do too many different things will result in nothing being the masterpiece it could have been.

Always Leave Room to Pivot

As I share in the episode, I realized that I want to focus on creating content right now more than pushing out old content to the masses in multiple areas.  Thankfully I leave room to pivot within my business so that I can make the necessary changes when I see that the original path isn’t the best.

Outsource When You Can

Keep a running list of work you want/need to outsource in your business and rank it by priority.  As you have the income to outsource, start at the top and work your way down.  I continue to do this to this day whether it’s hiring someone part-time, full-time or an independent contractor on a project by project basis.  It saves time and I have found that it ultimately helps you make more when you can focus your time on only that which you can do in your business.

Re-assess Your Growth, Progress & Where You Are Weekly In Your Business

How often do you set focus goals in your business and then assess your progress?  I review and assess my work every 1-2 weeks depending on the type of goal set and the duration needed to complete it.   It was doing this that helped me to realize that by putting too much on my January schedule, nothing was going to be completed at its best at the end of the month.  Make sure that you are reviewing your progress, asking yourself what you need to change, add, take away or if you need to pivot.

Action Steps

Want to hear more episodes like this weeks where I share inforamtion about my businesses and real time discussion on how things are going?  Let me know over on Instagram in the comments @shuntagrant!


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