How to Prepare For and Take on Heavy Workload Seasons

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Growth & Sustainability Strategy

Episode 25 Show Notes

I can’t believe that we’re almost in November!  For most, if not all of us, this time of year means a heavier workload to take on. November and December are filled with holidays, sales, and the consumer itch to purchase. That doesn’t come without a cost.  For most, this time of year means a fuller, heavier workload.  In this weeks episode, I share how to prepare to take on a heavy season at any time of the year. I give you strategies that you can implement on the front end before the heavy season hits, during the heavy season, and immediately following a heavy season of work. I’m also giving you a free checklist to help you as you walk through the before, during, and after for your full months as they come.  You can find the free download linked below. 

What to do before the full season. 

1.  Spell it out – write down everything that is about to occur that is going to make this a heavy workload season. Write it all down so you can physically see it.

2. Prioritize – look at everything on your list that you just wrote out and now prioritize that list from the most important all the way down.

3. Enlist help – Get help in the areas where you need it. For example, if you don’t have a full-time virtual assistant, consider hiring one for the season to assist with the influx of emails you might anticipate. You can also do this on the home front as well too, freezing meals ahead of time or hiring a cleaning service to free up that time you would need to work.

4. Schedule – Look ahead and schedule anything that has a hard and fast deadline before the full season begins so you can schedule everything else around that.

5. Breath – After you’ve schedule anything that has a deadline, now you’re going to schedule short but mandatory breather times for you each week. Cater these times to whatever it is you need to strengthen your mental, physical, and emotional health. You have to protect your own time and make yourself a priority.

6. Talk – Inform the people around you – your children, spouse, friends, whomever – that this heavy workload is coming so they can understand that it’s coming and it’s temporary and also lend support to you.

7. Assign the work – After you’ve scheduled the deadlines and time for yourself, now you can schedule the work that needs to be done during the coming season. I like to schedule no more than a week ahead since things can shift and change. Assign specific focuses to certain weeks so you can see the flow of your weeks and months.

8. Automate – Automate anything and everything that you can. For example, draft emails for your launch ahead of time and schedule them; schedule your social media posts; put your bills on auto-pay. These will be one less thing you have to pause for during your full season.

9. Rest – Schedule a period of rest immediately following the heavy season and honor that period as if it’s the most important thing on your schedule. Having it already scheduled will ensure that you will take that time to actually rest instead of feeling that rush to do more.

What to do during the full season. 

1. Eat/sleep/drink – Do not stop eating, sleeping, and drinking water. These are the things that are going to make your best and most productive you. These will give you the fuel to help you get the most out of your heavy season.  I’ve tried the losing sleep thing and it just makes things harder and you’ll regret it. Skip the zombie feeling by ensuring that you sleep well, eat and drink plenty of water and if exercise is your thing (I hope it is), schedule time for that as well. 

2. One thing at a time – Tackle one project and then move on to the next. Make it your daily reminder to go step by step. You will accomplish more faster because you’re not going to get distracted by multiple projects.

3. Celebrate each win – For each completed task and project, make sure to celebrate because it will help you build momentum. Especially during the heavy seasons, it’s human nature to bounce right from one thing to the next without taking time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished. Take a moment, write down what you’ve accomplished, and give yourself a high-five!

4. Keeping coming back to your WHY – in the middle of heavy seasons, even with scheduled rests, we can get worn and tired, so you always want to remember to go back to your goals and remember why you created your business. The reason you’re in a heavy season because you have the privilege and blessing of having a demand for your talents and what you offer. You goals will motivate you and give you some pep in your step along the way.

5. Check-in – You have to take care of yourself, especially in heavy seasons. If you find that you are pushing yourself too much, then something was made a priority that should not have been. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Heavy seasons are not excuses for making poor choices or being unhealthy. Make sure to do honest check-ins with yourself or ask a loved one who can be honest with you to give you input if they feel as though you’re pushing yourself too much.

What to do after the full season. 

1. Rest – take the rest time that you scheduled before the season began.

2. Reflect – Look back at your wins, your numbers, your metrics, or whatever it is you were tracking. Ask yourself: what did you learn? What business lessons can you take away? What worked well? What didn’t work so well? Reflect not only on what you’ve learned but also how you’re going to apply that going forward. Don’t repeat the things that didn’t go well, but take the experience and use it to better yourself and your business.

3.  Go forth and do bigger and better things!


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Action Steps

Prepare for your full seasons in advance when possible by downloading this weeks freebie and including it in your calendar/planner and share with me your #1 takeaway from today’s episode.  Chat with me over on Instagram @shuntagrant.

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