How to Live Life with Unstoppable Joy with Joyologist and Author, Dawn Burton

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Episode 83 Show Notes

This week on the podcast I am so so thrilled to introduce you to Dawn Barton. I met Dawn this year at the Spring Making Things Happen conference and let me tell you, once you’ve met Dawn, you’ve made a friend for life!  She is so full of joy (which made her a must-have for the podcast right?) but more than that, she has a story that needs to be shared and I am honored that she is sharing it with us this week on the podcast.  From being a million dollar direct sales producer to leaving it all behind to pursue a calling she felt unqualified for, Dawn is going to share her journey of ups and downs and how she decided to choose JOY through her toughest days.

Action Steps

What was your #1 takeaway from this weeks episode?  Has Dawn inspired you to choose Joy in your own life?  I would love to hear over on Instagram.  Tag me @shuntagrant or holler at me in the comments!

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Dawn Barton


Last summer, Dawn Barton was a top ten sales director for one of the world’s biggest direct sales brands. Her picture was on a billboard in Times Square and her team was closing in what would prove to be over a million in sales for the year – placing them among only a handful of women in company history to achieve that milestone. All this, despite a steady beat of personal challenges through recent years, including unimaginable heartache and stage 3 breast cancer.

Today, Dawn is an author, a speaker, an entrepreneur and a mentor, empowering women in their professional and personal lives. Her extraordinary journey has also made her a self-proclaimed Joyologist. Having achieved happiness and success in even her darkest days, Dawn believes in the power of finding joy through difficulty; each obstacle should not be cause to quit, but rather another reason to be successful.

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