How Staying True to Herself Led Her Company to Hit a Major Goal in 2018 with Lindsey Ferrell of Ryan & Rose

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Episode 77 Show Notes

This week I am so thrilled to introduce you to Lindsey Ferrell the CEO and owner of Ryan & Rose.  Lindsey is the creator of multifunctional short clips known as Cutie Clips® as well as one my new favorite baby products, the PATPAT, a Pacifier and Teether all in one.  

Lindsey exemplifies “business life & joy” and after listening to today’s episode you will see why. From starting at $900 a year in sales to hitting a major milestonel in her business this year, Lindsey has learned all about having faith in herself and her ideas.  In this episode you will hear Lindsey’s story and what has helped her to reach and exceed business goals as well as the challenges that she faces even after major business successes.

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Lindsey Ferrell


Lindsey is the owner of Ryan & Rose. She created this company when she developed the Cutie Clip. The Cutie Clip is a multifunctional pacifier clip. From packing to shipping, and everything in-between, Lindsey has her hand on all things related to Ryan & Rose; There isn’t much that Lindsey doesn’t do.

Lindsey prides herself on providing safe products to her customers and hopes to make Ryan & Rose a household name. She attributes all of her success to the Lord. With constant prayer and faith, Lindsey could not have formed Ryan & Rose without Him.

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