How a Sixteen Hour Boundary Has Led to Business & Life Success with Shay Cochran

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Episode 107 Show Notes

This week I am talking with Shay Cochrane, photographer and creator of SC Stockshop and Social Squares. Shay talks about her journey into the world of styling and product photography, what changed the trajectory of her business and how placing boundaries around her work week and time has helped her to achieve a joyful harmony between her business and life.

You are going to LOVE the gems that Shay shares and she is also going to give you a personal challenge to view your time differently. I am so thrilled to share this episode with you as we talk about exactly what it means to live out “business life and joy.”

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Success with Less

Today’s episode is sponsored by my upcoming “Success with Less” video series where I am teaching you signs that you may be doing too much in your business, mindset blocks keeping you from doing #allthethings in you business and talking about what success with less looks like and why it’s important to build life and business on the other side of busy. Sign up at The series begins Tuesday, May 14th.

Action Steps

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Shay Cochrane


After eight years as a successful wedding and portrait photographer Shay felt her passion and creativity beginning to wane. In 2013, a light bulb moment in Homegoods convinced her to make the almost overnight decision to jump head first into the unknown world of styling and product photography and she has never looked back. Her commercial clients span the globe (brands like Sugarfina, Pure Fiji, and Simplified Planner to name a few) but she is most known for kick starting the “styled stock” industry with the SC Stockshop, the first styled stock shop of it’s kind back in 2014.

Now creative brands everywhere use her styled stock imagery membership @SocialSquares to build their brand’s visual presence online. She has been married for 13 years to her best friend and fitting counterpart Graham and together they have two little girls and call sunny Tampa, Florida their home.

Business (and Life) on the Other Side of Busy

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