How to Battle the Business Blues

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Episode 41 Show Notes

Over the last three months, I have compiled a list of the concerns, issues, complaints, and questions from my audience as they share the struggles they experience as business owners.  It caught me by no surprise that there are commonalities among the items on this ongoing list and today I have categorized them and address  them one by one to help you think through and overcome these “business blues.”

The “business blues” are those feelings, emotions, and real life things that happen to business owners, sometimes because of our own mindset limitations and sometimes based on things that are outside of our control.  What remains in our control, however, is our ability to identify the problem (or the “blues”) and rectify it by addressing the problem head-on.  And that is what I will teach you and walk you through today.  How to battle those business blues.

Because, here’s the thing.  You’re either currently experiencing a business blue today, just overcame one yesterday or will walk into one in the days ahead.  The business blues do not discriminate, they hit us all.  The key, however, is recognizing it at, or before, onset and knowing how to combat it.  The alternative is to sit in that business blue and let it devour you, your productivity, your life and/or your business.  And, ain’t’ nobody got time for that!

As you listen today, take note of those “business blues” that you are most susceptible to.  Note the causes, signs of onset and how to combat them.  You’re sure to become a business blue battling ninja in no time!

At the end of the episode, I share a recent business blue that I overcame.  Warning, there may be a few tears.  But they’re happy tears!

Business Blues

  1. Paralyzed by fear
  2. Comparison
  3. Overwhelm
  4. Frustration
  5. Stagnation
  6. Overthinking
  7. Setting impossible expectations
  8. Being in a funk that you can’t explain or rationalize


Action Steps

After listening to today’s episode, head on over to Instagram or my free Facebook community and share with me your #1 takeaway!  Which of these battle blues hit home for you?

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