What to Do When Your Goal Isn’t Measurable

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Episode 37 Show Notes

Over the last two weeks I have received the same question from multiple people so today I am answering that question on the podcast because if that many people have asked, it is very likely that you’ve pondered, or will ponder, this question as well– what do you do when your goal isn’t measurable?  How do you create a plan and measure a goal that isn’t numerically quantifiable or has a set date of completion?

If you’ve listened to Episode 23 of the podcast, The 10 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Defining Goals (and how to fix them), you have the information and tools it takes to set and define your goals.  However, if that goal is not measurable you may have found applying the checklist from Episode 23 difficult.  Today, I walk you through exactly how to take on and work toward your non-quantifiable goals, most of which I have found deal with relational goals, i.e. deepen relationships with family, friends, children.

After listening to today’s episode, download the freebie checklist to help you walk through and execute your goal!



A few highlights from today’s episode:

+ Which types of goals are best described as “non-quantifiable”

+ Why I choose not to call these “relational goals” goals and what I call them/how I view them instead.

+ What to ask yourself before walking through this specific analysis

+ How to execute and make progress on all of your non-quantifiable goals.

Action Steps

  • Listen to this weeks episode and download the free guide to help you walk through executing your goal!  I want to hear your insights and your #1 takeaway from today’s episode, let me know by leaving a comment over on Instagram @shuntagrant.  Chat soon!

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