Four Ways that I Use Instagram for Business

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Episode 26 Show Notes

Social media is a lot like Project Runway–one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.  I remember when Periscope was all the rage and when Snapchat was what all the hip business owners were migrating to.  However, when Instagram released Insta-stories my Snapchat app made it’s way to the “folder of shame” (you know the one with the things you never use but aren’t quite ready to delete?).   Thinking about Insta-Stories got me to thinking about Instagram and how my interactions with the app are so different than it was when I began Because of Zoe Designs over three years ago.

As many of you remember from Episode 0 of the podcast, Instagram served as my hero platform for the first two years of my business.  Today, however, I find myself using Instagram quite differently and I want to share with you the four ways that I use Instagram for business and share my favorite tools to make it happen!

(1) Insta-Stories

As I mentioned, Insta-Stories are my new favorite thing about Instagram.  In short, Insta-Stories (“Stories”) are videos that disappear after 24 hours, you can engage with your audience, show them what life looks like in your business in real time (or faux real time) and so much more!  I love it because it gives you the real-time feel of Snapchat, but you just feel more adult/business about it, at least I do.  So, for those of you who have been sleeping on Insta-Stories, I have a little video to walk you through the magic of (1) setting up creating an Insta-Story (2) the different types of Stories you can create, (3) how to tell who has viewed your story, (4) how to delete your Story, and so much more!

(2) Planoly 

Planoly is the BEST app for posting on Instagram that I have come across and I have been using it for over one year.  What I love most about Planoly is that both the app and desktop version are equally user-friendly, which is very rare in the app world.  Second, I love that I can play around with the appearance of my Instagram feed by sliding pictures around to determine what I want my feed to look like.  A third feature that I really enjoy is that you can even schedule your Insta-Stories on Planoly, which is most helpful when using graphics (I show you how I create those in the second video below). The first video below walks you through Planoly on my iPhone and the second shows you how easy it is to use on a computer.




Isn’t it cool how you can  add to your Insta-Story.  This is a tricky little way to defeat the “real-time” feature of Stories because you can share images that aren’t from within the last 24 hours when you upload them into Planoly.  When using your phone, you can only share photos from the last 24 hours, because Instagram is trying to use this as a way to share real-time action with your friends, family, audience, etc…  But Planoly lets you cheat that system a bit and create beautiful graphics for those of you who have audiences that appreciate those.  As I mentioned in the vide, I caution using graphics heavily on Stories , as one of the primary draws of Stories is to experience life with the person you’re following in, or close to, real-time, not to just see word graphics.

(3) Saved Collections

The “collection” feature is pretty much “Pinterest for Instagram” which is very exciting for me! Back in the day, I used Instagram “likes” only to save images that I wanted to come back to one day.  Somehow, Instagram read my thoughts and have, since then, provided a better way! Through collections you can save images from Instagram and store them by category.  The video below shows you how simple it is!

(4) Targeting Instagram Viewers on Facebook

One of the new and nifty ways that Facebook allows you to target your Instagram audience is through the use of custom audiences.  If this all sounds like a foreign language, no worries, I’ve got a video to walk you through exactly what I’m talking about and to explain why it’s pretty cool and useful if you ever plan to run Facebook (or Instagram) ads.  Facebook now allows you to create a custom audience to target people who interact with your Instagram profile in any of the followings ways:

Anyone who visited your business profile

People who engaged with any post or ad

People who sent a message to your business profile

People who saved any post or ad

The video below walks you through creating your custom audience!

And there you have it, four ways that I currently use Instagram for business.  I would love to hear which of these four you plan to use or are currently using!  You can find me @shuntagrant on Instagram!


+ Insta-Stories are a fun and innovative way to connect with your audience in real-time The + + The Planoly app allows you to create a cohesive Instagram feed in advance (which is also great for batching)

+  Creating a custom audience of people who engage with your Instagram feed allows you to later track them using Facebook or Instagram ads.

+The Instagram Collection feature is a great way to bring “Pinterest to Instagram”

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