Five Things I’ve Learned as I Celebrate My 2 Year “Quit Day” Anniversary

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Episode 22 Show Notes

Last Sunday, September 24th, 2017, marked my two year anniversary of my last day at the law firm and practicing law.  It has really flown by! I wanted to take the time to really reflect on the past two years and what I’ve learned after becoming a full-time entrepreneur.  I’m sharing five things I’ve learned from my experience after the past two years. I hope that this will be encouraging to you and give you hope and guidance wherever you are in life.  If we’re just meeting and you’d like to hear more of my story, you can listen to my story on Episode 0 of the Business, Life & Joy Podcast.

[Lesson 1] Life is Better When You Do Work that You Love

I’ve learned that life is better when the work that you do is something that you choose, like, love, are good at, and meets a need or desire of someone else. In this age of the “Instagram life”, it may appear that a good, joyful, positive life is just a false facade — a fairytale. And while there are those that portray an ingenuine lifestyle, that is not the case for everyone. To think that you can love what you do every single day is not a fairytale.  Because we spend so much of our time at work, it’s silly to think that our work won’t have some type of effect on our lives outside of work.  I know this now because I’ve been on both sides and I’ve noticed such a drastic difference in my life. 

Now that I’m doing work that I enjoy, I can really see how my work before affected my life outside of work. If you find yourself having mood swings or having a negative attitude toward friends and family but you don’t know why look at the work that you’re doing and see if that is the source of the negativity. When your work is something that’s fulfilling and when you can see how your work positively impacts other people, joy will overflow into the rest of your life.

[Lesson 2] You Will Find Greater Success When You Do Work that You Love

You’ll be more successful when you do work that you love. There’s a difference between doing what you’re good at and doing what you love, although it’s possible to do both. But when you do something you enjoy, you do it with a good attitude, you genuinely care about what you’re doing and your excitement is reciprocated by your audience.  When other people see the love and excitement I have for what I do, it draws more people to me, leading to greater success.

Another reason you’re more successful is you’ll find yourself doing more things that you never thought you would ever do. If you would have told me before that I would be waking up at 4:00 in the morning every day and excited about it, I would not have believed you. I love it because it helps me to take advantage of the quietest moment in my home and I see the value in my day and time by doing it.

More doors have opened for me since leaving the firm. When I quit my career, it was to focus solely on Because of Zoe designs. I had no clue it would lead me to host this podcast; I didn’t know I would have a Mastermind helping other entrepreneurs in their businesses; I didn’t know that I would be creating courses for other business owners. When you’re doing work you love it spills over and creates so many more opportunities.

[Lesson 3] The Secret to Maximizing Time

When you’re smart with your time, you can get more done in a week than some can get done in an entire month. When I set clear priorities and guard my time, I’m getting more work done with a shorter work week, which is about 20 hours shorter! I figured out how to cut out things that do not matter, how to focus on one goal at a time, and how to outsource certain things. Time is a limited resource but it is possible to make the most of the time we do have in order to get more done. With every season of our lives as more challenges and limitations on my time, I’m glad I learned how to tackle time restraints. If you find that you have little to show for at the end of the week or month because you were too “busy,” I encourage you to go to to learn more about my training to help with learning how to get more done in less time.

[Lesson 4] One Good Choice Leads to Another

When you make one good choice, it usually brings about another and another and another. Choosing to do work that excites me was my first good choice. That one good choice has led to a downpour of good choices that have affected my life positively, like going to the gym early in the morning. I was also able to have time to join a weekly Bible study group and that’s something I couldn’t have done before. I can pick Zoe up every day from school, which is something I always wanted as a parent.  It’s made me a better communicator to my husband because I don’t get frustrated as much.  I can be there for my friends. Just recently I was able to take an entire day off to be with my friend who just had her second son. I have the privilege to live out my priorities, which has led to so many other awesome opportunities.

[Lesson 5] It’s a Great Time to Be Alive with a Dream

It is a great time to be alive with a dream and a vision. There’s so much access for you to fulfill your dream and vision and you have more control than you feel or think. 

I want to tell my 2015 self something that I imagine many of you need to hear and that is to “just trust.”  Everything works out and it’s going to be even better than you imagine. I hope that whatever it is you’re thinking about doing or changing, that you make one good choice and watch the downpour of other good choices.


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