My Favorite Tools + Resources for Business in 2017

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Episode 28 Show Notes

Just about every week I’m asked about a resource or tool that I use in my business, so this week I’ve put together an episode to answer all of those questions in one place.  I’m giving you my favorite online tools, apps, products and resources that have helped me to rock 2017! I’m also sharing what new products I plan on trying out in the new year, and of course I’ll be back in a later episode to give you a review of them all!  Listen to this week’s episode below and when you’re done, check out the resource page that I’ve created to keep you in the know on everything that I’m loving for business.

Please note that some of the items linked here and on the resource page are affiliate links, solely because I have personally used these items and therefore love being able to share them with others.   None of the fees/prices for the resources have been increased to compensate me; in fact, many of the programs/items have provided me with a special discount or bonus to share with you.  

Online Tools & Apps 

I’m sharing the online tools and apps that I use nearly every day and telling you which are my absolute favorite!   Find the entire list on the resources page.


These are my favorite tangible items that I use in my business every single day, from my favorite printer, pens, where I order packaging for Because of Zoe and more, you can find the full list over on the resources page.

G-Suite Codes

As promised within the episode, I am listing G-Suite Business Plan codes that you can use for an additional discount.  If you use a code, please comment that you have below as each code can only be used once.  When these codes have been used I will replace them with more.   No clue what I’m talking about? Scroll up and listen to today’s episode! **wink**



I also promised in today’s episode to show you a glimpse of the magical goodness of Trello with a visual.   Trello is a free resource that I use!  Learn more here.



My Favorite Online Tools/Apps [00:01:45]

My Favorite Products [00:36:23]

Action Steps

  • After you listen to this week’s episode, check out the resource page here to learn more about additional items that I use to rock my business.   Then, head on over to Instagram and tell me what your #1 business resource is! I’m @shuntagrant.

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