Debunking Myths about Facebook Ads with Courtney Foster-Donahue

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Episode 44 Show Notes

Today on the podcast, I am chatting with my good friend and Facebook go-to expert, Courtney Foster-Donahue!  With all of the buzz going around about algorithm changes,  Courtney is here to tell you this– stop freaking out!  Facebook still works for business, organic reach is not dead and you can leverage Facebook for your business and she can show you how!  We also chat a lot about Facebook ads and the success Courtney has seen using Facebook ads.  

You’re in for a definite treat today, so join me as I chat with Courtney about all things Facebook for business!  And if you’re catching this in real-time make sure to sign up for her FREE 4 Day Facebook Makeover Workshop that begins, Monday, March 5th at  

Facebook Ads

I asked Courtney all about how to get started with ads.  If you’ve ever wanted to know, how do I get started? What if I don’t have a large following on my Facebook page?  What is a cold audience? How do I create a warm audience? Where can I run my ads outside of Facebook? Who can I target with Facebook ads?  Can I run ads on Instagram using Facebook? Can you tell Facebook what type of person to send an ad to based on their activity on Facebook? How much does it cost to get started?  We discuss all of these questions and so much more!

Free 4-Day Facebook Makeover Workshop

Three times a year Courtney offers her free4-Day  Facebook Makeover Workshop and if you’re reading this during one of those times you are in luck, my friend.  Sign up today at 

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Courtney Foster-Donahue


Courtney Foster-Donahue is an Atlanta-based four-time entrepreneur as well as a business, branding, and social media strategist who specializes in video content creation and Facebook marketing and advertising.

She helps entrepreneurs of all kinds through a variety of online programs and content, including her acclaimed courses SEO in a WKND™, Visual Branding Basics, DIY Video Basics, OBS Success, and her signature program, FB Everything™.

Leveraging a 20-year career as a professional stage and screen actress and singer, Courtney also synthesizes her talents and skills as a performer to help others build their brands using both strategy and storytelling.

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