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Episode 16 Show Notes

Imagine that you’ve found a product that you really love and you see that the business that sells it is also offering a free tutorial on all the different ways in which you can use their product.  So you give them your email and you’re subscribed to their email list.  Shortly after you’ve opted in, you check your inbox and there’s your free video tutorial as promised.   Now imagine that same day after receiving the video, you also receive an email from the owner of the company introducing themselves and their brand to you.  What just happened was that your email subscription triggered an automatic welcome email sequence.

The automated welcome email can be endearing, heartfelt, or funny, but ultimately it leaves your potential client or customer happy that they’ve connected with you and wanting to know more about you as a brand and business owner. Creating an automated welcome email response to be delivered to your new subscribers is such a simple task, but it really packs a punch in your business. You can do it in one sitting and it has a lasting impact on the growth of your email list.  I go into all the details in this week’s episode and I also have a freebie for you, details below! 

Why Your Welcome Email Is So Important 

Think about how many emails you get each day. Every day you look at your inbox and you prioritize and choose which emails you’ll give your attention and time and which emails are going to be deleted before you even open them. The emails you choose to open and read are those that are filled with content that will add to what matters to you.

When a subscriber gives you access to their email you have a short window of time while you are still top-of-mind to inform the subscriber why your emails should matter to them.  Wouldn’t you want to do all you can to be known as someone who sends emails that should be opened? Of course! The automated welcome email sets the tone for your subscribers that your emails matter and should be opened because it’s going to leave them wanting more.

Your welcome email provides your subscriber with an introduction to you and your brand and sets the tone for what they should expect from you.  It will communicate your presence and your intentionality as you acknowledge their presence in this email space. You’re letting them know that you’re committed to showing up in their inboxes in the future, making it more likely that they will click and open your emails because they remember who you are and what you’ve promised that you’re going to bring to the table.

The welcome email also humanizes you, particularly if you sell physical products since your face isn’t always at the forefront of your business.  People buy from people, and people build relationships with people.  Customers want to know that there is a trustworthy human being behind a brand and the welcome email is one of the first ways you can share the humanity of your brand.

One of the most important things your welcome email does is to let your subscriber know if your brand or product is what they’ve been looking for.  And on the flip side, it lets them know if you’re not what they’re looking for.  Your welcome email should leave the customer feeling either one of two ways: that they should hit the unsubscribe button or happy that they’ve found you and connected with you because of what you’re going to do for them in their lives. If your email does neither, you’ll end up with a cold subscriber who will likely leave your emails unopened and unread.

Components of a Welcome Email 

Generally, photos are important to consumers because they appeal to why they subscribed to your email list in the first place. Regardless of whether you’re a business to business entrepreneur or a business to consumer entrepreneur, having a photo of yourself goes a long way. Your reader will be reminded of who is speaking to them and it helps to humanize your brand or business.

To the product based business owners, you could also include a picture of yourself interacting with your product not only to showcase your product but also to convey your personality.

Here’s my list of 7 things your welcome email should include:

1.    Address your subscriber by name: people respond to seeing their name and it reminds them that this isn’t just a generic email.

2.    Your email should be written in your brand’s voice: introduce yourself and why you do what you do in your own brand’s voice to make your subscriber feel like they’re having a conversation with you.

3.    Share something that people will walk away remembering; it will help you stand out and be remembered.

4.  When possible, share what your customers think about you: it gives your subscribers social proof and helps to develop your street cred.

5.  If you have an interesting story share it: whatever it is that is unique and special about you, your brand or your process.

6.  You need to have an on-brand photo of yourself: a great way to introduce yourself and build a rapport with your subscribers.

7.  Include a call-to-action: Now that they know they like you, direct your subscriber somewhere else, such as another freebie, your Instagram page, or to join your Facebook group.

Bonus: Ask your audience to reply to your email. This gets your customer used to engaging with you and opens the door for further conversation. It also lets their email service provider know that your emails aren’t spam or promotional and will put your future emails in their inbox.

If you’re having a difficult time figuring out the words to use in your welcome email, follow the 7 things I shared with you and just start talking aloud as if you were talking to a new subscriber and then start typing out the words you use. The key is to leave the reader happy they’ve subscribed or wanting to unsubscribe. I’ve included copies of some of my exact welcome emails so you can see how easy it is to be conversational with your subscribers. You can sign up to do download that freebie below. 



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    7 things your welcome email should include [00:15:10]

    Grab copies of my exact welcome emails for my businesses [00:28:42]

Action Steps

  • Download the freebie above and review my automated emails. Follow the steps outlined in this week’s episode and create your welcome automated email.  Would you like some feedback on your email?  No problem, ask away in my free Facebook group and show me your work by tagging me on Instagram @shuntagrant.

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