How to Confidently Make Decisions without Wavering or Second Guessing Yourself

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Episode 17 Show Notes

If you struggle with making decisions or are constantly trying to decide how to spend your time between the many facets that make up your life, this week’s episode is for you.  In this episode, I talk to you about a fundamental step that will help you in making choices and decisions as you plan your life and business.   Share this week’s episode with a friend, because it is one for everyone who cares about the decisions they make! 

DEFINE YOUR PRIORITIES:                                                     LIFE FIRST, BUSINESS SECOND

The first step in being able to make decisions without second-guessing yourself is to define your priorities beginning with your life priorities first and foremost.  Think to yourself, what is your very first priority? What is your second? Third? Be specific and write them down-ranked in order. If you’re having a hard time articulating your top priorities, consider doing this exercise: think back to what you have done over the last three weeks. Where did you spend your time? What did you do? Who did you do it with? Where did you spend your money? If you review these things, this exercise will help to reveal what your priorities are.

Define your business priorities much like you did with your life priorities. Keep in mind that your top business priorities are not the same as your goals.


I want to share my top priorities to help you think through the process of defining your own. For me my top life priorities in order are:

1.   My faith and relationship with Jesus Christ;

2.   My physical, emotional, and mental health;

3.   The well-being, provision, safety, and joy of my family.

I think it’s important to note why I place my physical, emotional, and mental health before the well-being and safety of my family because it plays into how I make decisions in my life.  My health hasn’t always been my priority, but I recently added my health (physical, emotional, and mental) as my second priority because I realized that the best way for me to be there for others was to present them with the best me that I can be in any given moment. 

I have four top priorities for both of my businesses:

1.  To remain true to who I am at all times;

2.  To do work that matters beyond a surface level; 

3.  To cultivate meaningful and genuine relationships;

4.  To be properly compensated for my time, my knowledge, and for the value that I bring.


Every time you are faced with a choice or decision, your priorities act as a guide on what to do, how to do it, how much or how little to do it and whether to say yes or no. I get asked a lot “how much time should I spend on my business?”  First, determine other demands you have on your time and if any of those things fall outside of your priorities. Decide which of those demands take priority over your business and ask yourself how much of an impact you want to make at that time in your business.  However much time you decide is in line with your priorities, you have to stand confident in that and make sure not to compare yourself to another person whose priorities are completely different than yours.

The key is knowing your priorities and you will find peace in your choices because they are in line with your priorities. When you have defined and clearly articulated your priorities, you can stand firm on those choices. It’s also important to keep in mind that your priorities can change over time. Give yourself the freedom to change (more discussion on this topic in episode 27).  Listen to this week’s episode for more details! 


  • Defining your life priorities [00:04:05]
  • Defining your business priorities [00:19:50]My top life and business priorities [00:07:30; 00:21:00]

    How to make clear-cut decisions based on your priorities [00:31:10]

Action Steps

  • List out your priorities in life and business and begin to let that guide you as you make decisions.  You may find it helpful to review your last three weeks to see if your time spent is consistent with your priorities.  I would love to hear your priorities that you came up with and any takeaways that you have! Share with me over on Instagram @shuntagrant or in my free Facebook group!

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