Why I Chose Podcasting & The Business Lessons Podcasting Has Taught Me

by | Mar 19, 2018 | Business Foundations, Growth & Sustainability Strategy, Personal Development | Mindset

Episode 46 Show Notes

Forty-six episodes into the Business, Life & Joy podcast and this week I am talking about something I haven’t before.  My entire thought process and goal setting for this podcast way back in 2017 when I decided to give podcasting a try.   Looking back over the last ten months of podcasting has taught me so many vital business lessons and today I’m sharing them all with you.

If you’re thinking of making a shift or transition in your business, changing something that you’re working on in your business or adding something new to your business, this episode is most assuredly for you!  I’ll walk you through what that looked like for me and what I have learned about how to make a new part of your business a success. I’ll also share my decision-making process, why podcsating?  What goals did I set out for myself when I began and what were the conditions placed on getting started.  All that and more are in store for you in this weeks episode!

10 Business Lessons Learned

 1.  Don’t let the new and unknown keep you from getting started and going for it.

 2.    Before you dive in, do your research, look for people who have already done it and learn from them, and then ma ke it your own!

3.   Before you dive in, count the costs.

4.  If you can’t show up consistently for your people, don’t do it.  Circle back when you can, make room in your schedule for when you can make it a priority, but half-hearting it will not result in impact or income.

5.  Don’t be afraid to stop doing what isn’t working and what you aren’t enjoying, particularly if its a major part f your business.

6.  You can do anything that’s already been done and make it 100% your own on your terms.

7.  When you show you consistently, good things will happen.  It just may take a while.

8.  Never forget the big picture. Think long-term.

9.  Learning something new is good for the heart and mind.

10.  Outsourcing not only allows you to grow your business, it also allows someone else to use their talents and gives you back your time.


Action Steps

    Which of the ten business lessons from today meant the most to you?  I want to hear! Share with me over on Instagram @shuntagrant I want to hear from you!

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