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About Shunta Grant

Hi there! I help women build business (and life) on the other side of BUSY through my signature program, Peace Pace Progress™.  The Peace Pace Progress™ framework has transformed hundreds of women from busy and overworked to focused and goal- oriented business owners.  When I’m not helping women get on the other side of business, you can find me reading a good book, walking the aisles of Target and TJ Maxx with my daughter, or building block towers with my son.

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Business Foundations

Learn how to build a business that stands the test of time by first laying the proper foundation.

Growth & Sustainability Strategy

Take your business to new heights by implementing growth & sustainability strategies.

Personal Development

Your business thrives when you operate within your priorities and seek harmony over hustle. Learn how.

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“I absolutely adore this podcast! It gets my mind in a place of peace and determination that can only be experienced, not described. You owe it to yourself to listen and execute the things Shunta lays before you.”
Stacey Smith

“I’ve followed Shunta for several years now from her Because of Zoe bow business, and was so excited to learn of her podcast! I truly love it and learn so much with every episode. Although it is packed with really practical information, what I love most is that it is not usually your cookie cutter business advice that you can google or look up on pinterest. Her joy and love for business, learning and people always come across in a really fun and inspiring way.”
Jennifer Masters

“I’m not even a business owner but this podcast is so great for my life! I listen with an ear for the “life and joy” portions and I’m not disappointed. From money management to time management, I find some tidbit in each episode that I can apply to my daily life and tasks. Such a great show. Give it a listen; you won’t be disappointed.”
Whitney Gibbs

“I have followed Shunta for some time, so was very excited when she launched a podcast. I love her honest, joy-filled approach to life and business. She preaches only what she practices. Definitely worth the listen for business owners but also many actionable points for non-business owners as well.”
Angela Krueger

“I love Shunta’s generosity and positivity. You cannot NOT smile out loud when istening to her videos and podcasts!”
Julie Creus

“Listening to you and implementing business goals and plans have been so refreshing.  I really needed someone like you in my life. Thank you for reminding me of what’s important, what I should be doing and how to do it.”  

Valerie Hubac

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