A Message of Hope & Truth

Episode 184 Show Notes This week is short and to the point. A message of truth and hope for you. Listen if you're in need of either. If you enjoyed this week's episode, you are going to love the Best Today™ Guide. Helping women get clear on what they want and giving...

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Introducing the Best Today™ Monthly Calendar

Episode 183 Show Notes This week on the Best Today™ podcast I am so so thrilled to introduce you to the Best Today™ Monthly Calendar. I'm telling you what makes it different, how it helps you to focus on you and how it pairs beautifully with the Best Today™ Guide (and...

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What routine did for these three women

Episode 178 Show Notes This week I am talking with three women who have gone through Right Now Routine™. They're sharing what life was like before joining and what routine has done for them in their lives and some share how it's affected their business. Join me as I...

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