Covid, Coughing and the Capitol

Episode 194 Show Notes Well, 2020 didn't let me see 2021 without one final grand gesture. On December 31st I tested positive for COVID despite hardly every leaving my house. This week on the podcast I'm sharing my story, what life looks like now as I recover and get...

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3 Ways You Waste Time Every Single Day

Episode 193 Show Notes These three things are how and why you waste time every single day. But there's hope. You have control and you are capable. Listen to this weeks episode to learn the three ways you're wasting time every single day and let's take back your time...

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Don’t do this just because it’s a new year

Episode 192 Show Notes Happy New Year! .... but beware. Before you go doing these four things-- STOP and listen to this weeks episode. Four things NOT to do just because it's a new year and what to do instead. If you enjoyed this week's episode, you are going to love...

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A Thank You Letter to 2020

Episode 191 Show Notes Join me as I read my letter to the year 2020. I'm sharing the hardest lesson learned and what I learned about myself from the year! If you enjoyed this week's episode, you are going to love the Best Today® Guide. Helping women get clear on what...

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