Joining the Business, Life & Joy Mastermind is the best business decision I have ever made.  Shunta shares so much information and gives you the tools to implement what you have learned.  Working with Shunta, I feel challenged and encouraged.  Her joy, energy, and expectations are contagious!


Are You Ready for Results?

The Business, Life & Joy mastermind is an intimately sized, high-level quarter long mastermind filled with a group of business owners who are ready to see measurable and tangible results in their business.   Together, we will walk through the details of your business and set goals that actually progress your business forward.  If you’re ready for clarity, direction, encouragement and guidance from someone who has built two successful online businesses, you’re in the right place!


Within the Mastermind You Will Receive


Ask your questions, share your links and get feedback from me (and your fellow mastermind members). I am inside of our secret membership Facebook group, Monday through Friday, to answer your questions.


Group zoom calls are held every other week.  Prior to our group calls, a question thread is placed within the mastermind so that you can ask your questions in advance.  During the live calls, I answer your questions directly, giving you an opportunity to ask follow-up questions and get direct feedback and guidance in real-time.  All calls are recorded and archived for your review within the membership site during the quarter.


Every other week (on non-zoom call weeks), I host a live webinar teaching on topics that matter to you and your business.  This type of detailed training would cost you hundreds to thousands elsewhere and it’s a part of your membership within the mastermind.  Just as in the live calls, you are able to ask questions and receive real-time answers and feedback.  All webinars are also recorded and archived within the mastermind secret community.


Within the mastermind, members can upload documents, link to projects they’re working on and so much more.  You receive feedback from me and members of the mastermind and receive accountability through frequent follow-ups on whatever goal or project you are currently working toward.  Lurking is a NO GO within this mastermind and every person is heavily involved in sharing what they are working on within their business to receive feedback, encouragement, and accountability.


Yup, you’re going to get a whole lot of both.  You’ll also get some tough love and honesty for your ideas, tactics, and practices that are not profitable.  Mastermind members find that they were able to move away from the fluff or tasks that were not profit-producing within the first two weeks of the mastermind.


I am here for you.  As anyone who has worked with me will tell you, I care about your success.  I want to see you win at what matters to you.  If you’re looking for a business educator with the heart of a teacher and an incomparable work ethic, you’re in the right place!


Oh, that’s just the beginning.  The benefits of the 2018 Quarter One Mastermind are endless.  Join today and find out what why my clients, mastermind members, and students say that learning from me was the best decision they’ve made in their business.

To say that Shunta goes above and beyond in her mastermind is an understatement – she helps you cut through all of the noise and distraction and really focuses your energy on the things that will bring you profit and happiness! Before I joined this mastermind, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. As a new mom and business owner, it was easy to get caught up in my ever-growing to-do list. I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast. Then, Shunta entered the picture ***cue the choir of angels singing***. She looked at my collection of art prints and immediately zeroed in on the product ideas that would be profitable. That’s when everything clicked – I was able to drop the time-wasters and start building a collection that I was absolutely delighted to create and my audience was excited about. I was receiving comments/messages from people wanting to purchase my custom portraits and nursery art before the pieces were even listed in my shop! I’m really excited about my new products and the future of my business. Joining this mastermind was hands down the best business decision I made this year!


I love how small of a group you’ve put together for the mastermind. It makes me feel like my business matters and that I am getting the most out of this experience. Being apart of such a closed private group with other like-minded women made me feel like we are not just a number to you and that you actually care about helping achieve our goals. You have no idea what that means to me. And on top of all of that, the way you lay the foundations for us and show us how to accomplish our task is such a rewarding process. Thank you Shunta.


Working with Shunta has been so amazing! I feel like the weight of having to know what to do to begin my business has been lifted off of my shoulders and replaced with such excitement about accomplishing my purpose in life! Shunta helps you with practical actionable steps to make your goals happen. I also appreciate her honest analysis of my process.  Participating in this mastermind has been a huge game changer for me!!!


I love working with Shunta. She cares so much and is dedicated to helping us succeed. Being in this mastermind is what I needed. I am no longer going at it alone, but I have a guide and a community to help me along. Shunta celebrates our wins and tells it like it is to push us to the next level. She doesn’t sugar coat anything, but she does it in love. All of Shunta’s products work in harmony. Between the podcast, Peace, Pace, Progress and the Mastermind, I feel like I have what I need to support me on my journey of building and growing my business. No hustle around the clock necessary.


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My experience thus far working with Shunta within the mastermind has been nothing short of phenomenal. Before joining the mastermind I was unorganized, worked with a desk and surroundings full of clutter. I’ve been paralyzed when trying to move forward with my product based business. Shunta broke things down into digestible pieces and empowered the entire mastermind to lean forward every day. Without this mastermind, I would probably be in the same place next year. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and connecting with the right mentor.


This experience has been amazing for me. It has given me the ability to truly focus on my goals and make them more attainable. I have gained so much from Shunta. She goes the extra mile and her ability to explain things is wonderful. I appreciate her style of getting you to understand the point of it all.


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