Are You Sleeping on Facebook for Business?

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Episode 11 Show Notes

Today’s episode features four-time entrepreneur and six-figure online and local business owner, Courtney Foster Donahue. The kind and generous Courtney personifies business, life, and joy and is the creator of FB Everything, the Facebook course that changed my entire perspective on Facebook as a business platform.  In this episode, my go-to Facebook guru Courtney Foster Donahue shares her reasons why you should NOT be sleeping on Facebook for your business.

What to expect in this episode:

  • ✔️ Courtney shares details about one of her most recent launches, which brought in over $120,000 in only TWO weeks.
  • ✔️Courtney shares her favorite thing about Facebook for Business. 
  • ✔️Courtney discusses common mistakes that business owners are making on Facebook and how to avoid them.


Tips for Starting Out on Facebook

  • ✔️  Start with a simple Facebook page
  • ✔️ Add a cover photo and fill out the About section
  • ✔️ Optimize your page by linking to your website in the cover photo caption, About section and anywhere else you can
  • ✔️ Post consistent content at least 3-5 times a week
  • ✔️ Serve before you sell
  • ✔️ Be SOCIAL – post things that are entertaining, fun, and that encourage conversation among your audience

Avoid These Three Facebook Business No-No’s

1.  Posting content as filler instead of fuel.

2.  Cross-posting from other social platforms.

3.  Overusing hashtags.

The Power of Facebook Ads

1.  Flexibility and scalability

2.  Low barrier to entry

3.  Ability to split test

4.  The Pixel (a feature that allows business to retarget people who have previously visited their websites)

Courtney’s $10,000 ad spend led to $120,000 in sales in only two weeks in her most recent launch! With the proper training, any business can have success using Facebook ads without spending a lot of time, energy, or money. 

Courtney’s Favorite Facebook Features

Of all the things Facebook offers to businesses, some of Courtney’s favorite FB features are groups, live video, free scheduling tools, the power of organic content, but her absolute favorite are ads because they’ve allowed her to share and help more people than she could have reached without ads.



  • How Courtney Got Started on Facebook [00:09:30]Tips for Starting Out on Facebook [00:12:40]
  • 3 Facebook Business Faux Pas [00:17:50]

    The Power of Facebook Ads [00:31:57]

    Courtney’s Favorite Facebook Features [00:40:58]

Action Steps

If you have not considered using Facebook for business, it’s time to consider how many people within your audience are sitting on Facebook waiting for what you have to offer!  Share with me your favorite takeaway from today’s episode by tagging me on Instagram @shuntagrant or within my free Facebook group.

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Courtney Foster-Donahue


Courtney Foster-Donahue is an Atlanta-based four-time entrepreneur as well as a business, branding, and social media strategist who specializes in video content creation and Facebook marketing and advertising.

She helps entrepreneurs of all kinds through a variety of online programs and content, including her acclaimed courses SEO in a WKND™, Visual Branding Basics, DIY Video Basics, OBS Success, and her signature program, FB Everything™.

Leveraging a 20-year career as a professional stage and screen actress and singer, Courtney also synthesizes her talents and skills as a performer to help others build their brands using both strategy and storytelling.

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