Three Practices that Help Me Make the Most of My Day and Time–What’s Working for Me in 2017

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Episode 10 Show Notes

I’m often asked, “Shunta, how do you do it all?” It may appear that way, but the reality is that I don’t do it all. I share much of my day on Instagram stories, showing you my daily routine and life to share the role consistency plays in my business and life.  I want to share with you three practices that are working well for me and helping me make the most of my time in my business and my life. In this week’s episode, 


  • ✔️ I explain the importance of creating a consistent daily morning routine that is tailored to your life.
  • ✔️ I share the four essential components of a purposeful morning routine.
  • ✔️ I share how I make timers part of my strategy in getting more done in less time.


  • ✔️ I explain how less is more when it comes to focusing on tasks.

Create a Morning and Evening Routine

I have a morning routine, and what I mean by “routine” is that I have a set intention to perform a task or group of tasks within a specific timeframe and those tasks bring about positive results the more that I perform them.  These things have a specific purpose for my day and are almost always premeditated and never random.  It’s important that your morning routine be consistent and daily.  My morning routine includes time at the gym, quiet time, a moment to write a thank you note to someone, and prayer.  By the time I wake Zoe for the day, I have taken the time to love myself and treat my body and mind well (also see Episode 17 on the importance of making yourself a priority).

Your morning routine doesn’t have to look exactly like mine. It should be tailored to your life. That said, I believe that there are four parts every morning routine should include at some point throughout the week:

  1. Alone or quiet time
  2. Physical activity, if possible
  3. Reflection, meditation, journaling or prayer
  4. Time to review what the day ahead will look like  

Along with your morning routine, you should also have an evening routine. During your evening routine, it’s essential to plan for the next day. You don’t want to start your day unaware of what you’re going to get done. Make a list of what you will need to get done the following day and do this each evening.  It’s also a good idea to try to save reading emails for your evenings because emails have the potential to become a time suck during your day. If there are emails that aren’t emergencies, plan to respond to these emails the next day. This will give you time to think of how you’ll respond to your emails. Checking your emails in the evening and planning to respond the next day will eliminate distraction and maximize your time during the day.

Set Timers

Timers are a girl’s best friend! When I started using a timer, I timed every single part of my day and I was amazed at how easy it is to let time slip away when we’re not mindful. It is a freeing boundary that helps me to keep control of my time. What I do is assign time to each task assigned for the day and stick to those limits as much as possible. I’ve learned what things take time and what things don’t take as much time and that helps me to tweak as necessary in the future.  Using timers has allowed me to get more done in shorter work days than when I worked eight or nine hour days.  Knowing that the timer is ticking against you helps you to keep focused and not get distracted by meaningless things that will go against your purpose for the day. The best part is when you make the most of your work hours, you have any regrets when you’re in your “play” time.  Set your timer for everything that you do so that you’re held accountable for your time.

Perfecting the Practice of Doing Less

When I’m asked how I do it all, I have to laugh because I truly am not doing it all.  It may appear that way because I focus on one thing at a time. When you do this, you take the time to perfect that one thing and once it’s complete you move on to the next thing. As cliche as it sounds, less is really is more. If I spread myself too thin and try to accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously without giving only one task my full attention, at the end of the day the results of those tasks will not be as profitable as they could have been had I worked on one task at one time. You will breath easier by dealing with less and it will magically allow you to do more.

All of these practices not only help me in my life and business but they simplify everything. They help me to be a better business owner and make me more thoughtful with my time. Using these practices to better manage your time will maximize your time and you’ll have more opportunities to bring in more income for your business.


  • Have a morning routine [ 00:05:33]

    Four components of a purposeful morning routine [00:11:15]

    Setting timers to maximize your time [00:40:52]

    Perfecting the practice of doing less [00:49:26]

Action Steps

  • Do you have a morning routine? If not, after listening to this episode, draft out what you would like your morning routine to include.  And then come share that with me on Instagram @shuntagrant.  Chat soon!

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