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Episode 0 Show Notes

Welcome to the Business, Life & Joy podcast! I’m Shunta Grant, creative entrepreneur, business educator and now podcast host!  If you’re completely new to me, thank you so very much for taking time to listen to the podcast and spend time in this space.  In this introductory podcast episode, I share a bit of my story–how I went from full-time private practice litigator to full-time entrepreneur, building my hair bow company, Becuase of Zoe Designs, and starting a second business along the way.   I also explain why I began this podcast, the gap I hope to fill in the entrepreneurship space as well as in the world, and why I believe that you can grow a business and create a life both filled with joy!  If you believe, or are trying to get to the place where you believe, that both your business and life can be filled with joy, I invite you to listen to episode 0 and stick around for many episodes that will enrich your business and life! Enjoy!

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Hi there! I’m Shunta, I work with women who seek success in their businesses, but not at the expense of joy in their lives!  I teach them how to build and grow successful businesses that keep customers coming back time and time again. When I’m not helping women run businesses they love, I’m reading a good book, taking a class at the gym or walking the aisles of Target and TJ Maxx with my daughter Zoe.  If you believe that both your business and your life can be filled with joy, come hang out with me here on the Business, Life & Joy podcast.

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