What to Do When You Experience a Drop (or Stop) in Sales

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Episode 14 Show Notes

Each and every summer, many businesses experience what is known as the “summer slump,” a drop in sales due to consumers spending less on physical products and more on vacations and summer experiences.  However, the summer slump may not be the sole reason for your business’s inconsistent, or lack of, sales.  In this episode, I share three of the primary reasons many businesses experience a drop or stop in sales, independent of the time of year.  I also explain what to do when your business struggles with drops in sales by giving you three actionable steps that will unearth the reasons for this drop. In this episode, 

  • ✔️ I walk you through reviewing your social media channels to figure out if there is a lack of consistency and if you’re spreading yourself too thin so you can decide where to strategically devote your commitment and show up for your audience regularly and consistently.


  • ✔️I’ll also talk about making sure you’re talking to the right people through surveying your current audience and how you can determine if you’re really reaching your ideal customer on the various channels that represent your business.


  • ✔️Lastly, I touch on the importance of being aware of your brand’s noteworthy and remarkable quality that helps you to stand out and attract your audience.

Are You Being Inconsistent or Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

Take a look at all of the different channels through which you’re in contact with your customers. You may be on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, email, have a blog, and so on. Now look back at the past 30, 60, and 90 days. How does your consistency look in terms of what content and how often you are offering that content to your customers? This will reveal two things: what platforms are lacking consistency and if you are spreading yourself too thin by trying to master multiple social media platforms simultaneously. If you are not consistently providing value on a regular basis to your customers, this could be part of the reason your business is experiencing a sales slump, or even no sales at all. And if you are trying to be everywhere, you’re not going to shine anywhere. The key is to devote your energy on one platform at a time and reap the rewards from that one platform and in turn have a much greater return on your investment.s.

Defining Consistency 

When it comes to being consistent in providing content for your customers no matter the platform, there is no magic formula. Consistency is defined as not only how often you post images, send emails, or go live on Facebook (whatever the case may be), but also by these six attributes:

1. Showing variety

2. Speaking to the values of your customer

3. Making your audience dream of what life will be like with your product in their life

4. Eliciting conversation

5. Sharing social proof and

6. Consistently wowing your audience. You will need to learn what consistency means to you and your business through trial and error.

Next, you should evaluate whether you are playing to the strengths of the platform you’ve chosen to commit to mastering. Learn what it was created for and how you can really utilize it in it’s entirety and leverage it to your business’s benefit.

Are You Talking to the Right People?

Let’s face it. It won’t matter if you have the best product on the market or the most expert information to offer. Your sales will suffer if you aren’t speaking to the right people. In order to connect with your desired audience, you want to make sure the people you’re speaking to have the need, desire, and the means to purchase from you. There are two exercises you can do to find out who it is you’re speaking to and attracting to your brand or business. First, take the time to survey your current audience (more on how to do this in episode 15). Then to determine if you’re truly reaching your ideal customer, list some words that describe your brand or business, your product or service and your target audience and your audience’s values. Now, review every representation of your brand or business: website, social media, email, etc. Does everything from the copy you use to the images to the color scheme reflect the words you’ve listed to describe your business, product, audience and your audience’s values? If not, your sales will suffer because you’re not attracting your ideal customer.

Define Your Ideal Customer 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your brand or business is for EVERYONE. Like Marie Forleo says, “If you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody.” There won’t be an immediate connection if you’re trying to make everyone your customer. Narrowly defining your ideal customer allows you to attract and connect with more people who actually want what you have to offer and you will also have the opportunity to create what I call your “loyal league” who will buy from you again and again.

Be Aware of Your Remarkable or Noteworthy Selling Proposition

Everyone has some quality that makes them different from everyone else. What is it about you and your business that makes you stand out? It might the unique way you produce your product or the story behind your business. Whatever it is, find that thing and communicate it to your audience in the platform you’ve chosen to master. While there may be many others who offer the same thing you offer, the difference is that no one else can do what you do because it’s YOU doing it.


  • Find out if your consistency and use of social platforms could be affecting your sales [0:03:50]

    Learn the importance of strategically playing to the strengths of one social platform at a time [0:06:17]

    Learn the 6 definitions of consistency when it comes to the content you’re providing your audience [0:11:43]

    Discover how talking to the right people and narrowly defining your audience can positively impact your business [0:28:22]

    Find out if you are attracting or repelling your ideal customer [0:32:53]

    Understand that if you’re trying to talk to everyone, you’re attracting no one [0:40:35]

    Ensure that you’re aware of your remarkable and noteworthy selling proposition [0:51:49]

Action Steps

  • If you are experiencing a drop in sales, this episode walks you through areas to walk through to ensure you are laying a proper foundation. Walk through the components of this episode and remember to share your takeaways with me within my free Facebook Group and tag me on Instagram @shuntagrant to show me your progress!

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