Three Tips for More Joyful Living

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Episode 13 Show Notes

Over the last 3 months since this podcast launched, I’ve talked you about my journey from being an unfulfilled private practice attorney to becoming a joyful entrepreneur with two online businesses and now a podcast that I get to host weekly. I’ve taught on a variety of topics to help you as you grow your business. While this is a business podcast geared toward business owners, I want to remind you of those last two words in the title of this podcast: life and joy. In the midst of all the planning and building a business that you love, this should never be at the complete and prolonged sacrifice of your life and your joy.

The purpose of this podcast is to combat the myth that you must be stressed out about some aspect of your business and also that sleepless hustle is the road to success.  Second, I wanted to be living proof that is possible to enjoy the work you do and build a business that is fulfilling all while living a life that is filled with peace and joy. While you build your business with intention, be sure to intentionally and diligently craft a life filled with laughter and joy.  In this episode, I share some tips on how to do just that! 


Physical simplification is something I have strategically been working on this year by going room by room in our house, taking everything out, and only what is essential goes back into the room. Things feel so much better and lighter already. Clearing out our rooms has simplified the decisions I have to make. I also notice a huge difference in Zoe’s behavior and the way she plays after clearing out and simplifying her bedroom. There are so many positive effects that come from simplifying. It’s something so simple (no pun intended), but it really has been an aid for us in joyful living. Think about ways that you can simplify in not only your life but in your business as well. What can you set aside now so that you can perfect one thing at a time? You will find a sense of more peace by doing this.

Learn to Play 

Learn to play, whatever that may mean to you. In the book, Present Over Perfect Shauna Niequist says to “strategically avoid strategy.” It’s a beautiful paradox. I teach business owners how to strategize, organize, implement, execute, work smart, get things done in less time.  While I teach the importance of strategizing I also intentionally include times when I completely break away from that. Take the time to learn to play, and that will mean something different to every person. At the end of the day, make sure you can think back to something that made you smile or laugh each and every day.

Remember Your Business is Just a Business 

At the end of the day, do you have people to call friends and to encourage you? If so, it helps to keep in perspective that our businesses are just a business. Yes, they mean a lot to us because our businesses and customers give us a sense of fulfillment, but ultimately if we still have people who love us and who we can depend on, that’s what matters most.


  • Finding strength in the rest [00:08:30]

    Book recommendations on intentional living [00:12:10]

    Simplifying to make room for peace and joy [00:13:39]

    Learn to play [00:18:33]

    Remember Your Business is Just a Business [00:24:52]

Action Steps

  • In the midst of building and growing successful businesses, let us never forget the beautiful life that we are also crafting for ourselves and our family.  Take the tips from today’s episode and remember the JOY that comes from living a life guided by our priorities.  I would love to hear your takeaways from this week’s episode in my free Facebook group and tag me on Instagram @shuntagrant to show me your work.

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