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Episode 12 Show Notes

On last week’s episode, I had the pleasure of having my go-to Facebook expert, Courtney Foster-Donahue, on the show to talk about why you should not be sleeping on Facebook for your business marketing. She discussed her favorite features on Facebook, and in this episode, I talk about my very favorite Facebook feature for my businesses, which happens to be absolutely free and has given me the most success out of anything I’ve done on the platform: Facebook groups

Before we dive into what makes Facebook groups so great, let me say two things: First, having a Facebook group is not for every business, brand, or business owner. I want to share some general things about the success I’ve seen so that you can take the principles and apply them to your business and your life and hopefully this will help you decide if having a Facebook group is for you.  Secondly, Facebook groups take work and if you don’t have the time, dedication and desire to spend time in that group, do not create a group. You will end up disappointing your audience and then end up with less than what you started with.

With that said, here’s what you can expect from this episode:

  • ✔️ I explain what a Facebook group is and what the three types of groups are [5:31]


  • ✔️I discuss the benefits that Facebook groups can have in your business [21:03]


  • ✔️I talk about best practices when it comes to Facebook groups and your business [41:00]


  • ✔️I share the importance of being in groups yourself and having a purpose for being there [49:30]


  • ✔️ I give you tips to figure out if creating a Facebook group is for you and your business

The first time I heard about the Facebook group feature was during the Instagram Apocalypse when Instagram’s algorithm began to change and small business owners began moving to Facebook groups instead.   A Facebook group is a public, closed, or a secret location on Facebook that allows you to discuss, teach, share, sell with the members who choose to be part of your group. I liked that having a group was a way to communicate with my audience without the limitations of Instagram. I also liked that I could control who came in and that I could set the tone for what would be accepted and allowed. For those reasons I started my first Facebook group for Because of Zoe Designs and it was one of the best moves I’ve made! 

Three Types of Facebook Groups

1. Public – everyone and anyone can join and see the group, posts and members. It’s not much different than having a page. I don’t suggest having a public page because it lacks exclusivity that makes the group feel like a community.

2. Closed – anyone can find the group by searching the name of the group but they content posted within the group is hidden. I suggest this type of group for business because you can market it so that people can search for and join your group but it has the exclusivity factor since the content is only seen by the members within the group. You also have control of who gets into your group and  can ask questions or have an opt-in for the people who are pending access to the group, which allows you to weed through the people trying to get into your group, but can also give you insight into how people are finding out about your business.

3. Secret – only the members can find the group and see the posts. This isn’t ideal for you and your business because you want to be able to grow your group by allowing people to search for your group. A secret group is great if you’re offering something exclusive to the a small group.  For instance, I use a secret group for my mastermind.  No one can find our group or see who is inside. 

The Benefits of Facebook Groups 

✔️ Better connection and sense of community with your audience (for free)

✔️Allows you to learn about your audience through customer input

✔️ It’s a home base for your Loyal League to develop and cultivate relationships

✔️Allows you to promote your product to a group of customers in one place

Facebook Group Best Practices 

  • ✔️Don’t add people to your group without their permission.


  • ✔️Post in your group on a weekly basis to keep you in their feed and keep engagement up.


  • ✔️  Have fun and different ideas for your content.


  • ✔️ Share relevant information with your audience.


  • ✔️ Have events and exclusive promotions.


  • ✔️ Give your group a fun name.

Be in a Group 

By being an active participant in other Facebook groups, I’ve found so much success. For instance, I’ve been given many client referrals because people found me in a Facebook group regularly answering questions and participating in conversations. Make sure to give and take and don’t just be a lurker. If you’re silent, no one can be there to help you so make sure to speak up in these groups so you don’t miss out on potential opportunities.

Is a Facebook Group Right for You and Your Business? 

Think through the following four questions to determine if creating a Facebook group is right for you and your business:

1. Do you have time to get in your group and engage?

2. Why do you want to create the group?

3. Do you have content outside of talking about your product that you can share within your group?

4. Does the idea of running a Facebook group excite you?


  • What is a Facebook group? [00:05:31]

    4 benefits of Facebook groups [21:03]

    6 best practices when creating a group [00:41:00]

    The importance of participating in Facebook groups [00:49:30]

    Is a Facebook group right for your business? [00:57:32]

Action Steps

  • A Facebook Group is not for every business, brand and/or business owner.  But, if you’re considering a Facebook Group this episode will walk you through the who, what, when and why.  Start by going through the episode and if you have any questions along the way, ask away in my free Facebook Group and tag me on Instagram @shuntagrant to share your favorite takeaways from this episode!

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