A Day, Week & Month in the life of Shunta Grant

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Episode 56 Show Notes

One of the questions that I’m asked most frequently is how I get (what looks like) so much done in a single day, week, month or quarter.  Well, today I am happy to walk you through a typical day, week and month in my life.  I share how I make time for myself first, my family, my work and everything else. This episode is sponsored by Spring Forward, my online workshop that teaches you how to take control of your time.  Five lessons, a full workbook to help you journey to the other side of busy.  You can learn more at springforwardworkshop.com. 

Action Steps

    I want to hear about your day to day schedule.  Is it similar to mine? Different? What’s your morning routine look like?  Need help getting started, the Spring Forward workshop is perfect for you.  Inside you’ll find my daily, weekly and Sunday planning forms and checklist and so much more!

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Hi there! I’m Shunta, I help women entrepreneurs get their business on the other side of busy. I teach them how to execute goals that matter and maximize their time through my Spring Forward online workshop and signature training program, Peace, Pace, Progress. When I’m not helping women become joyfully productive, I’m reading a good book, taking a class at the gym or walking the aisles of Target and TJ Maxx with my daughter Zoe. If you want to build a business and life on the other side of busy, come hang out with me here on the Business, Life & Joy podcast.

Business (and Life) on the Other Side of Busy

Ready to move beyond busy? Join me as your guide to the other side of busy through my online Spring Forward workshop teaching you how to take control of your time and eliminate distractions; Peace, Pace, Progress which teaches you how to take your grand ideas and break them down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals; and my six month exclusive mastermind where I help you take action in your business! Learn more by clicking on the images below!

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