13 Simple Ways to Use Video in Your Business Starting Today

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Episode 48 Show Notes

Are you using video in your business?  Are you using video each week in your business? If you’ve answered, “nope” to both questions, today’s episode will show you how getting started with video doesn’t have to be labor-intensive or time-consuming.   In fact, I’m sharing thirteen different ways that you can get started using video in your business as early as today!

Now, a word of wisdom, don’t attempt all thirteen today, simply choose those that feel like a great fit for you, your business/brand and your personality.  The main point here is that video is a necessary component in business and it doesn’t have to be a part of your business that you overthink and make out to be more difficult than it is.  Getting started can happen within seconds after listening to this weeks episode in fact!

Why video? Not only is video algorithm friendly on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but, using video can build know, like and trust among your audience in a way that breaks down barriers between you and your target market.   I cannot imagine any business that should not use video in their business, that’s how important it is and that is why I’m showing you how you can get started or diversify your videos as early as today!

So, are you ready to get started with using video consistently in your business?  or if you’re already using video, are you ready to diversify the way that you use video? There are so many options and I’m just covering thirteen of those in this episode!  Let’s get started!

13 Simple Ways to Use Video

Each of the following is discussed in more detail in the episode:

1.  Talking to the camera.

2.   Slideshows.

3.   Screen shares.

4.   Share Your Process.

5.  GIFs or Word Graphics

6.  Boomerangs

7.  Recording Yourself while performing some aspect of your work.

8.   On-Camera Interviews.

9.  Time Elapsed Video.

10.  Unboxing of Products.

11.  Customer Video.

12.  Day in the life video.

13.  Share Your Inspiration

Video Examples 

 1.  A short video showing a close up of products

without sound.

with sound.

2.  Simple Word GIF that loops.

3.  Show Your Hands at Work 

 Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

4.  Share Your Inspiration While You’re Out in the Wild

5.  Everyday life moments in Your Office

6.  Captions + Product + Music 

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

7.  Show How Product Works

8.  Dance Party Videos

9.  Boomerangs

Example 1

Example 2

10.  Time Elapsed Video

11.  Product Unboxings 

Action Steps

  • Choose 1-2 of the video options described in today’s episode and give it a try! Make sure to tag me @shuntagrant on Instagram or @businesslifeandjoy on Facebook so that I can see those videos!

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