From Mastering Trello To Growing a (Soon to be) Million Dollar Business: Meet Abagail & Emylee of TCC

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Episode 42 Show Notes

You are in for a treat! Meet Abagail and Emylee of Think Creative Collective! This dynamic duo went from dreaming on Abagail’s floor to growing a multi-six figure business and, spoiler alert, they’re going to hit one million this year!  What I love most about Abagail and Emylee is their heart to share the wealth! They are not shy about sharing their favorite resources, tips and strategies.  They are givers and I think that is one of the keys to their success.

In this weeks episode, Abagail and Emylee are sharing how their business went from one form of income to transitioning into something totally unplanned.  They share how they were able to take the entire month of December off last year to spend time with their families and to enjoy the fruit of their hard work! I have no doubts that you are going to love hearing their story so let’s get right into it!

Trello for Business

I couldn’t bring Abagail and Emylee onto the podcast and not talk about my love of Trello!   Abagail and Emylee introduced me to Trello last year and it is by far my most used tool in business.   These ladies have taken Trello, a free platform, and used it to transform not only their business but the businesses and lives of so many of their followers.  We talk all about their course, Trello for Business, which walks you through how to set up Trello,  gives you access to dozens of their boards and teaches you so many strategies to apply using Trello!  If you’re new to Trello or have been wanting to give it a try, you’re going to love this episode all the more!

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Abagail and Emylee founded Think Creative Collective just months after meeting each other online.  What began as a conversation over wine on Abagail’s office floor transformed into building a community and business that had ridiculous goals, dreams, and ideas. Together they built a multi-six-figure business in under 12 months by helping overwhelmed creative entrepreneurs create a functioning command center to tame the chaos of their business so they can build a profitable and sustainable business from their passion. They’ve got happy students from all over the world who are both brand-spanking new and a little bit seasoned in their business.  Think Creative Collective strives to pivot the creative community from keepers of secrets to givers of tactics and strategies.

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